exchange your house for vacations


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would you like to exchange your house with people from another country ? We do this every year and it's really fun and economic too!


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I've never done it.
The idea of some stranger living in my home for x-weeks kinda creeps me out. So I doubt I'll ever do it either.


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My parents have a couple homes in Naples and in Marco Island, Fla. and they rent them out during the Summer months but they don't do any sort of swapping with the renters.

My parents have yet to run into any problems with any of their Summer renters but I wouldn't take the chance.


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If I had extra houses, yes. I'll just consider it as having it "rented" with the payment is my opportunity to use their house. But if it's the one I'm actually living in, I prefer to be more in control about it.


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So...exchanging homes is very different than renting, it has anything to see. it's mutual trust between too familie and share his country with someone else and have the chance to discover another country. it's human exchange Which is not st based on the money but on generosité.
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Oh I didn't mean to imply it's the same as renting. I know the principle. I do couchsurfing and it's almost same. I'm just saying if I had extra houses, I'd be more open to what I want to do with it like having it rented or having it as an exchange house.

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I would have an issue swapping houses with a complete stranger, but if it was someone I knew, or even kind of knew, or family from overseas that I hadn't seen in years, I would have no problem with it.