Exchange of The Spirit Thursday, June 15th 2006

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It's rather sad that before we even got this card it was instantly on the restricted list and soon got a seat on the banned list.

This card was and will for ever be broken under certain situations. To most American players they will never truly understand the brokenness of this cards. In America a good build would be the Exchange, 3 Magical Merchants, and a few copies of The Fiend Comedian. This build would allow you to put cards into your grave to your search and or meet the qualifications of Exchange Of Spirit. Plain and simple you would just put alto of cards in your grave flip the decks and your opponent would deck out due to know cards in their deck.

Sadly no one really played it. Why? Probably because they didn't see the brokenness of it or just didn't want to bother. Or maybe because of how unfairer it was released out side of Asia. When they had it they were able to use the cards I mentioned but with 3 copies of Exchange Of The Spirits, Painful Choice, and even Sixth Sense (which we still don't have). Obviously the Asians version is deadlier, but I think it's clear for you to see how to play this card.

Sadly we wont probably ever get this card back. If we do I'll probally run it. As I'm sure some of you will do a well.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: Banned


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This card is great and was THE card for many OTK decks in the OCG. My boy Fonz had a nasty Exchange deck back in the day.

There isn't much to say already that hasn't been said my Lavoid. One combo missing from Lavoids review was the OCG combo of Foolish Burial and Makyura. Foolish would let you send Makyura to the grave early and then Exchange could be triggered. A great combo.

With the correct build this card is brutal, I hope the unban this one cause I would also try a deck with this.

Traditional: 4 out of 5
Advanced: Forbidden
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