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(excel) Does using USB connection instead of RJ45 connection irradicate the NE* ports


New Member
Hi all,
Long title, I know!
I'm in a massive muddle now! I've been searching and reading up on NE port numbers and cannot for the life of me work this out!
ok, From the beginning:
I am using MS Excel. I have a active printer set up!
But as I am running through a server, the addresses change on every log in.
I cannot work out a solution to debug automatically on my vba's.
So, I would like to know.. does changing the hardware connection (RJ45) to a usb via an adapter irradiate the ne port numbers.
I'm hoping it does so that my vba would read USB001 instead of NE209 etc.
That would prevent any bugs!
Any info would benefit me and my mangled brain!