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I hated studying for exams when I was in school.
And when it came to studying for the driver's theory exam I just couldn't get round to doing it properly.

When I was studying in school, my method of learning for an exam would be something like this:
Start to study 2 days before. Read through the book/notebook 3 times. Go over it the 4th time while summerizing it on a new sheet of paper.
Second day: Read through the summery as much as I could.
(If it was a math exam I'd be studying with doing as many exercises as possible)

Come to the exam I'd be one of the first ones out of the class room, after answering everything I could. I wouldn't bother delaying to go over the exam more than once, cos my philosophy is if I didn't answer it right the first time I doubt I'll suddenly get an enlightment and figure a more correct answer.

What about you?
Back in my highschool days I'd read everything once and then read the summary. And that about 3 days before the exam. For subjects as chemistry and math I'd do exercises and maybe read a thing or two.

Now I'm in uni and things got a bit different due to more workload in shorter period of time. I'd now read everything once within 3 weeks of the exam and maybe review difficult parts. I go to lectures and try to understand what the professors says. And a few days before the exam I read the summaries and power point presentation handouts.


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I just pay attention in class. I make A's and B's so it's working out pretty well for me. There's very rarley any actual "studying" going on. If I need to, I might read through something once, but that's it.


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Didn't mean to offend you, Tainted. Guess I read too much between the lines.


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Eesh studying...

Well for my Standard Grades, I barely studied, turns out they were really easy anyway, so my goal in the month of May of completing Ratchet & Clank instead of studying, actually worked out alright, seeing as how I got the best mark possible in all 8 exams (not a hard feat really for SGs)

As for Highers.. to study I just did a bunch of past papers, read over my notes.. For French I would write out as many of the phrases and verbs as I could and test myself on how i remembered them with spelling and what they meant. For Philosophy, god I don't even remember how I studied for it. Reading a whole bunch of essays I'd wrote thru the year and writing out a whole ton of notes I think.. Ask Jakey-D on that one, he did it too!! English was always super easy for me, barely studied for it. Learned some quotes from the play and poems i needed to know and that was it, I hadn't even read the novel that we had worked on that year, so never bothered with it. Maths.. well, I didn't do so well on my maths exam first time around, so whatever studying I did do clearly wasnt very good! Same with Physics, but I never understood a bloody thing in Physics! Don't even think the teacher did :p

In my last year, I didnt really study for Maths (doing a re-sit) because after doing the same course for 2 years, you realise how thick u must have been the last time, and it all seems really really easy the 2nd time! History.. oh i loved History, so studying didnt really feel like studying. But I made a ridiculous amount of notes for history, still have them all somewhere, Im very attached to them!! haha

And I failed Adv. higher English, cause my teacher/class were rubbish, never learned a thing, and no one cared about it, teacher eventually gave up on us, and we stopped doing the work. 1 person in my class passed, just.. with a C.


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Makes you seem like a nerd too Tainted, no offence ;)

In high school i just read through my notes or didn't bother at all, in college...i used to re-write my notes and then re-read them through out the morning; and if that didn't work CHEAT!


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I make review notes separate from my class notes. I try to imagine what the questions would be in the class (or at least the type of Qs) and I quiz myself. When there's a lot of memorisation involved, I establish a way to remember them (associations, acronyms). They work pretty well for me and sometimes my classmates would borrow my review notes (works for them too unless their mind doesn't work/organise things the way I do in my mind).