Ex-Whalers owner trying to lure NHL to Hartford

Ex-Hartford Whalers owner to open outdoor rink - ESPN

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. -- Former Hartford Whalers hockey team owner Howard Baldwin is trying to get fans behind his efforts to bring an NHL team back to Hartford, Conn.

Baldwin's latest venture is an outdoor skating rink at the Rentschler Field sports and entertainment stadium in East Hartford.

A news conference has been scheduled for Wednesday to detail plans for the rink and various events designed to show Hartford is a hockey town.

The Hartford Whalers left Connecticut in 1997 for Raleigh, N.C., and became the Carolina Hurricanes. Hartford is one of several cities hoping to lure NHL teams.
What are your thoughts?
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That would be awesome but Hartford can be a bitch when the economy is bad. Then again being the only professional sports team in a city (right?) is beneficial.

I don't see it happening although I wish it would. Give the place a try in the salary cap era :)

I LOVE all the franchise rumours, so much fun!!! :D


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Hockey failed in Hartford...why would it work this time around?

I know there is more collective bargaining but I dont see why the NHL would move back.

With that said I hope it happens lol
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Good point by Millz. I guess you never know, but I don't see it happening myself.

I love the rumor of expansion, always, too Pr3tz3l!!


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There's cities that deserve it more then Hartford in my opinion. I personally don't believe they should bring hockey back to Hartford since it's probably going to end up a failure once again.


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yeah I'm with the General Concensus here. There are far more deserving cities than Hartford. And I know it sounds biased coming from me... but quite frankly the West Coast / Conference needs more NHL. If you look at the population maps.... there are NHL Clubs stacked on top of eachother over there... then take a peak at the Western US and Canada and we've got next to nothing going on in comparison.

I would say if you're moving another team to the US... Make it Seattle. :thumbsup:


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First of all, I hope the NHL doesn't expand anymore. If anything they need to contract several teams. Second, like everyone has said, I think there are more deserving cities than Hartford. Seattle would be awesome, or somewhere in Wisconsin. But really, I want to see more Canadian teams. Bring back the Quebec Nordiques and the Winnipeg Jets before bringing back the Whalers.