Ex-NFL QB McNair found shot to death in condo

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Babe_Ruth, Jul 4, 2009.

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  2. micfranklin

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    Hearing this ruined my day completely, and both my father and uncle are highly upset over this.

    ATARIGUY Beermister

    Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair and a woman were found shot to death Saturday inside a residence in Nashville, police said.

    Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron confirmed that authorities were called to a condominium and found McNair and a woman shot to death inside. Aaron said police don’t yet know the circumstances of the shootings.

    “I don’t have any answers for you now as to what’s happened, who’s responsible,” Aaron said.

    Aaron said police tentatively have identified the woman but did not release her name.

    “There are persons who were around the complex today, visitors, who have been taken to headquarters for questioning, just to see what they know, what they may have seen,” Aaron said. “No one is in custody right now.”

    The condominium where the bodies were found is one that McNair was known to frequent, but police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford could not say whether he was the owner.

    Detectives from the police department’s centralized homicide unit were on the scene.
  4. browneyes106

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    This is very shocking. More will probably come out later. RIP Steve McNair.
  5. micfranklin

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    More has been revealed indeed.

    Apparently the lady he was with was not his wife but a girlfriend and when police found the bodies, there was a pistol lying next to the girlfriend.
  6. Vincent_Valentine

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    Seems that Death has reached his icy grip into the sports world after having his way with the entertainment industry. This really sucks. I always admired McNairs work ethic.
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    I was shocked to hear this earlier today, he was one of my favorite players when he was with the Titans. My condolences to his family.
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  9. Konshentz

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    This is terrible. I was a HUGE fan. He was my favorite player while with the Titans and started following the ravens a little because of him. A great guy that did lots for the community, sad to see him go out like this. RIP.
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    This is going to be just as big as Sean Taylor's death a few years ago. McNair had a lot of friends in the NFL, and a lot of them are saddened about this tragedy. Still in shock about the whole thing though.

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