Evil Managers!


Ms. Malone
Who is the most evil Manager in you fave sports and why?

For British football i would say Steve Bruce-currently at Wigan. He swoops in to save the day as a team heads for religation, keeps them up for a season and then sends them back down; leaving before the end of the season to save someone else. He did it with Huddersfield Town, Birmingham and the same fate has been set for poor Wigan.

Why hasn't anyone learnt yet?
Not a big fan of Graeme Souness. Did well at Rangers but that's carried him through a long way imo. David Platt (Sampdoria especially). Alan Ball, Terry Fenwick. Mclaren probably belongs on the list too. I never really rated him even at Boro. He had vast amounts of luck in their UEFA run. Even they were happy to be rid of him. On a more personal level, I can't stand Terry Venables, even if his record reads better than these clowns.

British Football, of course.


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Dom Cappers Currently Defensive Coordinator for Miami Dolphins and Formally Head Coach of the Houston Texans; where he killed the careers of QB David Carr and DE Jason Babin. First off by telling David Carr to only throw to Andre Johnson nomader if he was open or not and secondly moving Jason Babin to linebacker.

That was american football.