O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
Ok i cant be with the girl i like im moving soon ppl have been dropping dead left and right my dads in jail and lost some of my good friends tonight. IM THINGING OF CUTTING!


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That's is really fucked up.

Well, life can be a bitch sometimes and sometimes it's good, you are going throught a hard stage of your teenage life.

And please dont do your self any harm.


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Well just keep in contact with them when u move, plus just think you can make some new friends to where you move to in the process^^; There are other girls out there and maybe you might find another one in the new city or town you might be in. Your pop's in jail eh...these types of things happen to teenagers now adays, mine's just got of jail a couple of months ago -_-; But anyway try to make the best of it, your mom or something maybe is trying to start fresh in a new place and as long as you got your friends phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. You guys can always keep in touch one way or another and you can always visit them in the summer if you don't live that far from them right?