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Everybody needs good neighbours


Sally Twit
What relationship do you have with your neighbours?
Are you friends with them, do you just greet them when you see them or do you not know a thing about them?

I live in a block of flats and on my floor there are three other flats. I know who lives next door to me and in one of the flats opposite, but I don't have a clue who lives directly opposite to me.
When we first moved in these two older men came out and said hello, but since then I've only ever seen a woman go inside. Only saw her the once and she didn't see me as she was just going in.
Next door lives an elderly man, a young woman who I assume is his daughter and then a little girl which is the woman's daughter. I only know them to say hi to but they are pretty loud. The mum is always shouting at her daughter and her daughter is always screaming back. :stare: I see the old man walking his dog most days and we'll always say hi and comment on the weather or something.
There are a young couple living in one of the flats opposite and I've spoken to the girl a few times. She asked our names and if we're enjoying it. They have a dog too. Unfortunately they own their flats so they're allowed pets and I'm not!


Currently, no relationship. They are kind of strange people, and not the least bit friendly. We don't wave or anything. It's kind of awkward. The last time I had "good" neighbors was when I lived with my dad a handful of years back, the oldest son was one of my childhood friends and I had a slight thing for his sister, so it was cool. We hungout a lot and partied but then they moved away and eventually I moved as well.


Noooo worst thread title ever! Reminds me of that God awful soap opera :p.

As for my neighbours I was lucky as I grew up in a fairly quiet little court with a group of other kids. We used to all hang out every weekend and one boy in particular is now basically a brother to me who I still spend lots of time with. My direct next door neighbours are a major fail but I just try to avoid them... we don't get along.


yellow 4!
I live on a road that runs parallel to my school, so I'm lucky not to be next to a bunch of crazy students. The people to our left are 'mature' students, I think.

I only ever communicate with one of the guys there and he's really nice, but is moving out soon. I kind of feel bad though cause I only ever go talk to him when I need something (i.e. help with 'boy stuff' in the house).

I don't know a thing about any of the others and wouldn't know who they were in order to greet them. I say hi if I walk outside and they are hanging out on the steps, though.


Registered Member
Yes, I've met all my neighbors. There are two houses that have renters, so I don't know them well but we have introduced ourselves and say hello. The others know me and I know them. One borrows my tools, one's daughter is our daughter's playmate, the older french lady used to take care of our daughter, the ones next to her are older and I help them out on occasion. There was one neighbor that I called the crazy b***h but she moved away and her brother lives there now and we get along fine.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I've only really met the ones on either side of me. I had met them previously though since it was my grandpa's house and we were over there quite a bit.

Both of them are nice. One side is a lady and her son, both nice. The other side is an older lady. I'm not sure who else lives with her but she's got family members over quite often.


Embrace the Suck
I know some of my neighbors. The subdivision has a pretty good HomeOwner's Association and everyone gets a long really well. My next door neighbor has become a really good friend of mine.


Well-Known Member
I've never really been big on getting friendly with the neighbours. The ones I have currently get on well with everyone else in the house, and they come round quite often (which is annoying as hell). I guess they're nice enough. I've only had really good neighbours twice (and considering i've lived in like...16 different houses, that isn't a good ratio). First I had were when some guys I had been friends with for a while moved in next door. It was awesome to go there and get drunk and then only have to walk a couple metres to my house. Then there was when I moved into a flat with a couple of my friends. It was in a cul-de-sac and a bunch of stoners lived in the houses up there. Everyone knew everyone and we'd have big parties at the top of the road all the time. Fucking good times.


Some of my relatives/cousins live in the same flat with me. They are the only ones I have a good relationship with.
As for the others, I just greet them and that's it.

Some others are mean enough to not even greet or say hello, at all.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wouldn't consider any of my neighbours friends, but I talk to two out of the three on occasion. The two that I talked too are my age which I really enjoy, and the two females are hot.

The other one I don't really talk too, I'll say Hi if I see her, but that's about it. I don't think she likes me or my brother all that much since were supposedly loud which is bullshit. I even asked the other two if we were, and they said no.