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Every team that has ever won a championship...

Will you root for the Heat next season?

  • No, I just don't care either way

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Secret Agent
Staff member
Every team that has ever won a championship has done it WITHOUT Lebron James.

I was talking to Dragon from GF now and he said that. I thought it was pretty funny. Seriously though, do you think the stacked Heat team will dominate the Eastern conference like a lot of the experts are predicting?

Personally I want to see the Heat get knocked out in any sort of upset possible. The earlier the better. A first round knockout would be ideal but I'll settle for anything before winning it all basically. :lol:


Registered Member
Something wrong has to happen for them to not win a title or three. There team is stacked with underrated talent in the likes of Mike Miller, Chalmers and a few rookies. Haslem has always been a huge boost to the Heat, much of how Z was to the Cavs.

LeBron wants to be a distributer, leaving Wade to control the team as he wants to, with Bosh's presence down below.. Miller's three-point power, Z's size and ability to average a double-double.. every player on this team is going to look better then they ever have.. except for LeBron because I believe his PPG are going to drop drastically.. well, maybe not TOO drastic.


Sultan of Swat
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I don't see the Heat not winning a championship in the next few years. It's not only the Big three the other teams have to worry about as Bob was stating. They're slowly adding a lot of players around them, they just re-signed Arroyo yesterday who will be a great back up for Chalmers. They might not win it this year since they'll have to find some chemistry, but I see them winning at least one within the next three years.


Son of Liberty
I want to see them get upset also, a first round knockout would be great! I agree with BR though, they may not win this next season but it would be hard to bet on them not winning at least once in the next few years. I won't be rooting for them though.


A Darker Knight
haha. That joke was made on the ESPYs. They ripped Lebron so much that night.

I know I"ll be rooting against the Heat. I hate them already for screwing the Mavs in the 06 Finals. Now I have more reasons to spite them. I'll be laughing so hard if that team epically fails. and who knows? If LA and Miami meet in the finals, I might actually have to root for the Lakers. :-o that'll be weird.


Registered Member
I guess I will answer the question.. I will continue to hope the the 76ers and Bulls do well. My problem is I don't want to see Z fail, so I might root for the Heat here and there for his sake, but I want my teams to win a championship before they do.


All the Heat hate is silly. Would this happen in other sports?
Can there be an option on the poll for "I'm not really a big basketball fan, but I enjoy watching some of the players and some of the playoffs and now that a couple of them are on one team I'm curious to see how it goes"? Haha.
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Internet Dig Dug
Do I think the Heat Will win a championship, yes, will I root for them, no, I personally don't watch basketball all that much but if they are still around come the finales I will probably root for them.


Well-Known Member
All the Heat hate is silly. Would this happen in other sports?
But the Lakers hate isn't?

Yeah actually this would happen in other sports, it does all the time.

I voted incorrectly in the poll, I didn't review the options carefully enough. If LeBron gets his act together and loses that incredible ego and bad sportsmanship (I don't want to hear any arguments against that) then I'm not going to dislike him so much. The Lakers are hopefully going to put the heat down pretty hard if they make it to the finals.