Every pet you've ever had and how it passed/how you got rid of it.

(I really need to shorten up the titles...)

Um, yeah, basically list all the pets you ever owned and how it passed/how you got rid of it. Try to include names if you can for a more bonding experience. ^.^

Type: Cat
Years you had it: 4-6 (can't quite remember)
How it passed/got rid of it: Our family went on vacation and when we came back our neighbor said a coyote killed it...

Type: Dog
Years you had it: 4-6 (can't quite remember)
How it passed/got rid of it: My mom said it ran away until I later found out she took it to the pound. >=(

Type: Dog
Years you had it: 3-5 (can't quite remember)
How it passed/got rid of it: Same with Ruff; mom said it ran away until I later found out she took it to the pound.

Species: Cat
Years you had it: 1-3 weeks
How it passed/got rid of it: My sister dropped off the cat at our house because she was moving to New York and couldn't take it with her (bad excuse), and well, my mom said something along the lines of "You don't want this cat, DO YOU? It's just too much trouble and work for us to take care of." and convinced me to go down to the pound with her and drop it off.

Now that I think about it my mom is quite evil... :\

Species: Cat
Years you had it: 6-9 years (can't quite remember)
How it passed/got rid of it: Cat went out for a midnight stroll and it ended up getting killed by a coyote. (The coyote has not been seen for years, so I thought it was safe to let my cat out again. After years and years it was safe until this one night...)

Fuzzy Puff
Species: Rabbit
Years you had it: 2-4 years (can't quite remember)
How it passed/got rid of it: It was Winter, and we had it outside in a cage. I felt bad for my sister locking it in a cage, so I let it out on the loose. I went back to bed, and when I woke up that morning it was frozen behind a fence. I felt so guilty... Poor rabbit. =(

This is such a sad thread that is opening up old wounds. Why did I create it? Hmm... Well, if you feel brave enough to share then go ahead.
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Max, Dog, I didn't know him. He died of old age, not sure how.

Maddy, Dog, Had her for roughly 14 years. We brought her to the pound. Just a couple years ago.

Molly, Dog and Mac, Dog. Still living.
Name: Minnie
Species: Rabbit
Years owned: 6
How it passed: old age

Name: Chip
Species: Rabbit
Years owned: 5
How it passed: old age

Name: Billy
Species: Guinea-pig
Years owned: 6
How it passed: old age

Name: Biscuit
Species: Rabbit
Years owned: 6+
How it passed: still alive


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Name: Pickles
Species: Cat
Years owned: 15 years
How it passed: Unfortunatly he had cancer of the stomach. He had an operation to remove the tumor but he got put down the next day. :(

I currently have 3 cats that are all living, so there is no point in my listing them as they havent passed on and I havent got rid of them.

Also LOL @ your Rabbit being called Fuzzy Puff, viLky! :lol:


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Rabbit named Bella, can't remember how long we had it. It was fine in the flat, until we moved into what was then the new house. Then it seemed to be depressed or something. One day, parents woke up, it was dead as a doorstop.

Next was a cat, one of a family of three cats named Holly. Once again, I have no idea how long we had it. This one was suffering from cancer or something, so we had it put to sleep. The second cat, Cally, had the same problem and died the same way.

Finally, the final member of the trio, and the youngest, Bonny. This one wasn't so lucky to go peacefully. Mum found it in the front garden dead. When she had a better look, it was clear she was attacked by an animal.

Funny story about Bonny. I think we saw her get run over or something like that. In any case, she was hit by a vehicle. Surprisingly, she survived that event and went on to live several more healthy years until whatever attacked her did her in.

*EDIT* I appear to be getting slightly emotional all of a sudden. I'm going to go do manly things to take care of that problem. First off, Deep Heat on the balls.
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oh man I have a pretty extensive list :hah:

starting as a toddler, the first dog we ever had and then up to my current dog Jess.

Name: Lucy
Type: Mutt Dog (Small)
Years: 1986-1992
Expired: She was old when I was young, my parents got her before I was born but she was one of those "my dog" kind of situations. She died from a cancerous tumor

Name: Sparky
Type: Mutt Dog (Small)
Years: 1986-1994
Expired: Bit a neighbor kid and was forced to be put down in order to avoid a law suit.

Name: Sister
Type: Mutt Dog (Small)
Years: 1988-2001
Expired: She was completely blind and def. We had just moved and had a pool, she found her way to the pool while we were gone and she drowned. But she was on her last leg as it was.

Name: Princess
Type: Mutt Dog (Small)
Years: 1988-2003
Expired: Mostly old age, her hips gave out and she was having spinal issues. The Vet told us it was either put her down or let her suffer. So we put her down.

Name: Missy
Type: Wire Hair Golden Retriever Mix (Yard Dog)
Years: 1993-1996
Expired: Hit by a car

Name: Jackie
Type: Queensland Healer (Yard Dog - Breeding line)
Years: 1993-1997
Expired: Hit by car *

Name: Shadow
Type: Queensland Healer (Yard dog)
Years: 1995-1997
Expired: Hit by car *

Name: Blue
Type: Queensland Healer (Yard dog)
Years: 1996-1997
Expired: Hit by car *

*these three all died after an attempted burglery at my house. The Burgler cut the padlock to the gate and opened it. The three dogs chased him out & away... they all got caught on the street and died subsequently. Shadow managed to crawl back to the yard but died when we found her from internal damages caused by the event.

Name: Smokey
Type: Australian Shepherd / Healer mix (Yard dog)
Years: 1995 - 2005
Expired: Old age + the Summer Heat.

Name: Larry
Type: Walker Hound (Sporting Dog)
Years: 1998-2000
Expired: killed by bear, he died around 5-6 years old

Name: Comanche
Type: Black Plott Hound (Sporting Dog)
Years: 1998-2001
Expired: hung herself, jumped a fence with a chain on her collar and died because of it

Name: Scout
Type: Black Plott Hound (Sporting Dog)
Years: 1999-2007
Expired: Old age, survived to the sporting dog retirement age and lived a solid 2 years at the office. Finally died of old age, he was around 15-17

Name: Evil
Type: Black Plott Hound (Sporting Dog)
Years: 2002-2003
Expired: Put down after sustaining a Sporting related injury that couldn't be repaired.

Name: Oakie
Type: Black Plott Hound (Sporting Dog)
Years: 2002-2007
Expired: Bad Breeding + a Hard life in the sporting dog game, he spent 1 year retired and then eventually died in his sleep. It was sad because he didnt really show any major signs of illness.

Name: Radar
Type: Mountain Cur Hound (Sporting Dog)
Years: 2003-2008
Expired: Was really old, somewhere around 16-17 and passed sporting dog retirement age big time. He has a really heart warming story I'll spoil if you're interested 'cause its kinda long.

Basically in 2003 my dad purchased him from a Mountain Lion hunter in Oregon. Up there its ok to hunt Mountain Lion and illegal to hunt Bear, in California its the opposite. Well Radar was a Lion dog with a Bear habit.... so my dad bought him and let him have fun with that Bear habit and because of that Radar left the Lions alone down here.

He was my dads top dog pretty much up until he sold him late 2006. Radar was old, he was probably 7 or 8 when my dad bought him which is well passed the prime of these kinds of dogs. The guy he sold him to was a friends friend who was looking for just an old dog to keep him some company. The guy lived up in the mountains and we dont, so my dad felt it was in the best of Radars interest to spend his remaining days up in the mountains.

We didnt see him for about a year, then one day during the sporting season my dad heard a bark that sounded familiar, the type of thing where he thought he was just hearing things. Then later when we walked to the dogs, there was Radar... skinny as a rail and looking like he'd aged another 10 years.

Now the guy that my dad gave him to lived in the mountains.... but not near the area we found him. So we took Radar back home to our house and asked the friend to ask his friend about Radar. Later on about two weeks later we were told "I thought he died, he ran away and never came back so we stopped looking for him".

So Radar found his way back home to us around Thanksgiving of 2007. The timeline we'd put together on him ended up by the time the guy had "given up on radar" the dog had spent nearly 6 months by himself in the mountains. How he survived and what he did to survive, we'll obviously never know.

Radar lived for another 4 months after we found him and brought him back to live with us again. He finally died in February of 2008, he'd jumped our fence and got into the back yard (probably chasing a cat) and ended up in the pool. As good of a survival dog as he was, he wasnt the best swimmer. The February cold + the lack of swimming ability led to his demise.

I got a call from my mom, she was in tears telling me "Radar was at the bottom of the pool". So I rushed home from work, to find him and put him in his final resting place. My mom called another friend who happens to help with our Almond orchard and he got the tractor and dug the hole. I swam to the bottom of the freezing cold water and carried Radar out, I held his lifeless body from the time we got out of the pool all while the hole was being dug, and finally laid him to rest there.

It was super emotional for me (I'm actually tearing up pretty hard writing this); That dog meant alot and had been through god knows how many obstacles in his life. I'd walked through the worst territory you could imagine to pull radar out of a tough situation, I'd carried his near-death body out of a hole after a bear had peeled his skin back and nearly gutted him. I was there with him while they sewed him up that time and countless other times and every time he pulled through. If this dog were a person he'd be the kind of guy that could weather a Hurricane and laugh in its epi-center asking for more, then weather the other side just to spite it.

So when I pulled him out of the Cold Water it was hard to finally see such a force come to an end. His body weighed what felt like a ton from being so water logged but it didn't matter to me. It was very important IMO to never let him touch the ground until it was the last movement he'd ever make. So as I stood there holding back tears (which I didn't do so well at btw) I made sure that every last detail of the hole was complete before he was put in it, I wanted to make sure Radar got all of the Respect and Honor he'd earned and didn't want him "buried like a dog".

Today there is a small Redwood tree marking his grave at my house.

I'm trying to think... but I'm pretty sure thats all the dogs that I've had that have passed. We never really had cats because we've always had so many dogs. So yeah, here are the ones that are left:

At Home:

Name: Jess aka Jessalope aka Jesska
Type: Rat Terrier (small dog)
Year: Rescued Christmas of 07...she's still alive

Name: Rosie
Type: Shih Tzu (small dog)
Year: Early 2003 - still alive
Story: My mom & dads dog, she's getting old and is starting to really show some wear. Currently she has some massive Tumors on her belly that the vet says are most likely cancerous. We could have them removed but chances are if we do that it could likely cause them to spread. So the vet says "if its not bothering her then she's fine". Also she jumped off a table and tore her Rear Legs ACL :hah: Soooo she's also got a pretty bad limp.

Name: Lily
Type: Lhasa Apso (small dog)
Year: Late 2003 - still alive
Story: nothing overly specially really... lily is lily really.

Name: Tiffy
Type: Chihuahua (small dog)
Year: 2008 - still alive
Story: Tiffy was actually abandoned by some neighbors we had. They moved in and let her just sort of run wild throughout our neighborhood (which isnt cool 'cause the Coyotes will snatch up a dog her size easily). She would come to our yard and play with the Cats and the other critters that hang out at our house. Then one day the neighbors just up and moved out... they left her for dead so my mom took her in and had got her her shots. She's a crack up really, her and Jess are good buddies.

at the office:

Name: Bear
Type: Queensland Healer (yard dog)
Year: 1996 - present
Story: Before the burgler let our dogs out to die in the road, Jackie my dads breeding line dog had a litter of puppies (that is kind of what she was for :hah:). Bear happened to be from one of the last litters of puppies that she ever had before she was killed in the road. So after that incident my dad bought Bear back and now he resides here at the office.

He loves chasing delivery men and knows the difference between a UPS, FedEx, DHL and any other Delivery service in contrast to the other vehicles on the road! However much like his name suggests, he's just a big teddy bear; he acts tough but in reality he's one of the sweetest most kind hearted dogs I've ever known.

Name: Yogi
Type: Queensland Healer (yard dog)
Year: 2002 - Present
Story: Yogi is dumb, he's bad breeding, I think he's gay, and well he's just weird. Yogi is crosseyed.... and his eyes are to close together in the first place :hah: My dad bought him because he knew Bear was getting up there in age and he figured he could have Yogi be his replacement. Instead... Bear sort of dominates Yogi and Yogi just acts like an immature little bitch most of the time.

Name: Merle
Type: Mutt Dog (yard dog)
Year: 2009 - present
Story: he was a stray who wouldnt leave the office. Hes just a puppy really, barely up to my knee in size. He's funny though 'cause of all the obvious mutt breeding he has in his bloodlines. Because he's so young I really dont have much of a story for him so yeah... that'd be it!
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whoa, that's a lot of animals. very touching story about Radar! And this made me lol >>

Yogi is dumb, he's bad breeding, I think he's gay, and well he's just weird. Yogi is crosseyed.... and his eyes are to close together in the first place
(Sorry if I'm not supposed to be chucking a random post in the middle of all these profile thingys :lol:)


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And this made me lol >>
Yogi is just a goober, he never fails to make me laugh. Here is a pic I just took, he's the one with the big gay smile and the other mutt in the pic is Merle.

I wish I could take a gayer pic of him, usually he's laying down with his front legs crossed with that big gay glint in his eye :hah: Not that theres anything wrong with that; its just that I've never in my life after getting to know so many animals met a dog that was as flamboyantly gay as Yogi is :hah:

A funny example, just last week I turned the sprinklers on for the office dogs to play in and while the other two were running around playing with the ball... Yogi was laying there, front legs crossed, head cocked the the side with a big ol' smile on his face staring at the sprinkler head. It just so happened that the sun was hitting that particular sprinkler head and creating..... a big Rainbow :hah: so yeah it made it look like he was sitting there admiring the rainbow hahahaha hell he probably was! he's just that gay!

ps... I also like to call him "Yogurt" sometimes, lol because as dumb as he can be you'd swear that was all that was in his skull :lol:
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Good lord you want names and dates? That's just not possible for me. The most significant though were a Spitz my sister and I had as a tot who happened to be our protector to the point where my parents couldn't even get near us without us telling Snowy it was okay and my father has scars from being bit. When my brother was born my mother gave him to my grandmother who in turn shipped him off to a farm. Needless to say I was pissed off.

Many hamsters, guinea pigs, parakeets, cockateals, fish.

We had a collie named Shotzy and a collie/shepard mix named Rebel both dying of old age. I remember an extremely large grey/black dog when I was about 3 but can't remember now what it was. My mother probably still has pictures of him but I'm thinking it was a great dane.

After the kid pets I got my black cat Inky who I had for about 15 years who was murdered by an exfriends dog who I had watched many times before and her only response was "sorry". I'll never forget that day I got home from work. It was 2 days beforew the superbowl too. She now sits in a kitty urn on my entertainment stand.

I currently have 2 dogs but one is up there in age as I believe the pointer is going to be 10 this year. I will be getting another cat when she passes as I am ready for another now since it has been a couple of years and no more dogs for me because I can't just up and leave for a few days without putting them in the kennel since I have no one to watch them if I'm not here.


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My list will be very long so I will just list a few.

When I was 18 I had a Horse called Tammy, she was my first Horse I owned that was really mine, all the others that I had, had been on loan. Tammy was an ex racehorse so she had a bad back and I found her collapsed in her stable and my Vet had to put her to sleep, I still get emotional when I think about her, she was the best Horse I ever had/will have, she was beautiful and my best friend, she would talk to me when I went into her stable with a whinny and she would keep doing it, she made me happy.

I had another Horse called Robbie, I sold him because he was crazy, I had him for quite some time though, he was big and beautiful, IDXTB, 17.1hh but I could only ride him in the arena, he was scared of everything even his own shadow and he would bolt and rear.

They were the main two Horses I had but I had quite a few more in between that I had on loan, a Horse that meant allot to me was an Irish Draft called Bruno, he was lovely but I gave him up because I moved.

I have had around 12 cats in my lifetime. On my 21st Birthday my cat Bandit got run over and I had to have him put to sleep that was horrible. He was such a sweet, crazy cat and I miss him.

When I left England I left behind my two Dalmatians Bella and Pongo, my ex took care of them but recently he took them to a Dalmatian rescue, I know they are doing fine though and will be well cared for, I miss them so, so much and I have pictures of them in our apartment.

Now me and R1p have two cats Bonnie and Clyde and a Dalmatian called Calico, all 3 rescued from shelters and we love them very much! Cali is sick right now and we are worried but we have a great vet, she is so great I have her personal number, I know our girl will be ok though!

Oh and we also have around 30 Tropical Fish, they are great and very relaxing to watch.
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