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Registered Member
If you could have ONE everlasting item/commodity/thing what would it be?
You cannot choose money or anything similar.

Simply something that you think would be awesome to have an unlimited, everlasting supply of.

That's it.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I didn't even have to think of that answer -- I'd love to have infinite gas.


A fridge full of a nice diverse range of everlasting food would be nice.

Or who are we kidding? We would all like a bank-account full of everlasting money. That would help solve a lot of problems in my life right now.


Registered Member
Everlasting prepaid credit for internet/phone was the first thought but that is an indirct form of currency.

an everlasting joint where the roach is never soggy and you can keep it alight in your pocket.

Toke all day, everyday.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Free food for life, wherever I go. Does that count? Not only would it save a ton of money on groceries, but you could eat out at any restaurant. I think that would be awesome.


Registered Member
This is 2 easy. An everlasting supply of Nintendo video game systems! :D I mean, if I ever cant play video games, I'll totally die. :stare:


I'd have to go with food as well. I'd like to say something silly like video games, but I can just buy those. You spend so much more money on food and therefore would save more choosing that.


Registered Member
I'd have to go with an everlasting supply of Gatorade. I spend more money on Gatorade than I do on gas, and I know a few people that tell me I drink way too much of the stuff.


Sally Twit
Perfume for me. As I said in Elly's thread, it is something I can't go without. I wear it everyday so it'd be nice to save money on the stuff.
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