Everett under sedation after neck injury

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    - Bills reserve tight end Kevin Everett will be sedated for a day or two as doctors evaluate the extent of a severe spinal injury that could leave him paralyzed.

    Everett is in the intensive care unit at Buffalo's Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital after a four-hour operation performed hours after he was hurt in a season-opening loss to Denver, Eric Armstead, a partner of the player's agent Brian Overstreet, told The Associated Press on Monday.

    "He'll be sedated for the next 24 to 48 hours and we won't know more until then," Armstead said. "We were told by the doctors that the surgery went well."
    Everett's family members, including mother Patricia Dugas, were to arrive in Buffalo on Monday from their Houston home, Armstead said. Overstreet told the AP late Sunday that his 25-year-old client had some "sparse movement."

    "The next couple of days are going to be critical," said Overstreet, responding to a question about paralysis. "Our concern is for him to come out of this healthy and, hopefully, be able to walk again." The team doctor, John Marzo, is scheduled to give a medical update in the afternoon.


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    Injured Bills tight end Kevin Everett has voluntary movement of his arms and legs, according to a report from Buffalo TV station WIVB-TV.

    WIVB medical reporter Dr. Peter Ostrow says the voluntary movement shows dramatic improvement over the prognosis Everett was given Monday, when orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Cappuccino called Everett's spinal-cord injury suffered in Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos "catastrophic" and life-threatening.

    At the time, Cappuccino said Everett's chances of regaining a full range of body motion were not very likely.
    But according to WIVB-TV, Cappuccino is much more optimistic Tuesday evening.
    "We may be witnessing a minor miracle," Cappuccino said, according to the report. Everett was hurt when he ducked his head while driving in to tackle Broncos kick returner Domenik Hixon during the second half-opening kickoff on Sunday. Everett dropped face first to the ground after his helmet hit Hixon high on the left shoulder and side of the helmet.

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    I actually witnessed this injury and it was a terrible sight. It's never a good sign when they have to stop the game for 20 minutes and cart the player off in an ambulance. It made the outcome of the game irrelevent for me...
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    You always see people carted off the field for a football game, but you always expect him to give you the thumbs up to say that he's o.k, but you didn't get that thumbs up for Everett. I doubt he'll ever play football again, which is ashame, but he has a big chance of walking again which is great news, because at first the news didn't look to promising for him. My prayers are still with him, and hopefully he'll walk once again.
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    That was EXACTLY, what I meant. when I didn't see a thumbs up or any type of moving I almost started crying. I follow the Bills VERY closely and no matter how much us Bills fans may bitch and complain about our team, WE LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF THOSE GUYS OUT ON THAT FIELD.

    There are alot of heartbroken fans over on the buffalo range right now b.c. of what happened to KE. We don't feel like we lost a back-up tight end, we felt like we lost a brother...
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    ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) - Kevin Everett is showing some movement in both hands and greater strength in his leg muscles, further positive signs for the Buffalo Bills tight end following a life-threatening spinal-cord injury.

    "Kevin Everett remains medically stable in the intensive care unit, and continues to make daily improvement in his neurological status," Bills doctor John Marzo said Monday in a statement released by the team.

    Marzo provided his evaluation after the player was examined Sunday evening by Bills orthopedic surgeon Andrew Cappuccino.
    "Kevin demonstrated increased strength in the muscles of his legs," Marzo said. "In addition, he was able to show some movement in both hands."
    Marzo added that doctors are now beginning to focus on his neurological and muscular system rehabilitation.
    Everett was hurt making a tackle during Buffalo's season-opening game against Denver on Sept. 9. He arrived at Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital paralyzed from his neck down, and doctors feared he would never walk again. Their prognosis changed dramatically Wednesday when doctors said Everett had begun wiggling his toes, bending his hip, moving his ankles, elevating his legs and slightly moving his arms.

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    HOUSTON -- Kevin Everett was transferred Friday to a Houston hospital to begin the next phase of his rehabilitation, less than two weeks after the Buffalo Bills tight end sustained a life-threatening spinal cord injury.
    The ambulance that took Everett to Houston's Memorial Hermann Hospital was followed by a town car with two women inside, both wearing Everett jerseys. The women got out and watched as he was wheeled into the medical center.

    Everett left Buffalo earlier Friday in a private plane. He was joined by his mother, Patricia Dugas, and taken to the hospital's Institute for Rehabilitation and Research. Dugas, wearing a white Bills jersey, declined to talk with reporters.
    Everett spent two weeks at Buffalo's Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital paralyzed from the neck down. He was hurt making a tackle in the Bills' season opener against Denver on Sept. 9.
    After initially fearing he would never walk again, doctors since have significantly upgraded their prognosis and plan to have Everett try to stand on his own in the next few days.
    Dr. Barth Green, chairman of the neurological surgery department at the University of Miami school of medicine, said doctors are confident Everett could be walking within weeks if not sooner.
    "They're very confident he'll be walking very soon ... in the next days or weeks, not months," Green told The Associated Press on Thursday, shortly after discussing Everett's condition with Bills orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Cappuccino. "I think the future for him is very bright."
    Green, co-founder of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, has been in constant contact with Everett's doctors.
    And it was Green, who suggested Everett continue his rehabilitation in Houston, where he makes his offseason home, saying it's important for him to have his family and friends nearby.
    "I love the Buffalo people, and I'll hate to leave them," Everett's mother said Thursday. "But it'll be good that we can be closer to home for all our family to come over and see him because they're worried about him. ... He wants to see his family, too."
    NFL Players Association executive director Gene Upshaw and NFLPA president Troy Vincent, a former teammate of Everett's in Buffalo, visited him Thursday.
    "It was good to see Kevin making progress," Vincent said, in an e-mail to The AP.

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    This is a great sign, when I first saw the incident and heard the reports of him never walking again, it was a very scary thought. But now every day you hear that he's improving, and now you hear that he might be able to walk in a few weeks, that's just amazing news.

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