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Ever think about writing a book?


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Staff member
I've had a few ideas for some books I'd like to write eventually, mostly fiction novels.

I'm pretty sure I'd shoot for a minimum of 450 pages one one in particular, that I've thought about writing for a while now.

I don't have an English major, but, I figure the more I read the better my writing style would be. I wouldn't write anything until I've finished my reading list I've set for myself recently. Basically a bunch of books I have wanted to read for a while now.

Anybody else ever write any longer books or want to in the future?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm making very slow progress on a novel. I actually have a list of characters, settings, and backgrounds for each with plot laid out for at least two chapters. My biggest problem is fear of rejection, and a lack of motivation in general. I know I'm a talented writer, and I even have proof of it, but I'm just not motivated.

I have several ideas for books, actually, and some short stories.


The White Wolf
I'm only 13, soo, the most I can do is the occasional short story if I was to get motivated, which only tends to happen every now and then.
I'm starting to regret not putting Creative Writing higher on my list of electives next year, tbh...


New Member
I've written a thirty-page "novel," but I still have to put a bunch of scenes and filler scenes in it to make it a true novel. More description, more twists, and of course, more action. I began writing it two years ago, though I'd like to discount a year and a half, considering it was dormant for about that long...but, it's one hundred four pages on lined paper. (It really disheartened me when I discovered how long Microsoft Word would let it be in 12pt Times New Roman font.)

I'm trying to tweak it as much as I can and really, ACTUALLY complete it, and then send it into a publisher. It's certainly not a children's book, but I probably wouldn't call it for adults, either. Maybe young adults.

Which, to tell you the truth, is a category that vexes me to no end.


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I have a great story lien laid out in my head but haven't found the time to get it all written down. It would have the same format as The Lord Of The Rings because right now I am writing a full prologue book that is about 50 pages long in single spacing 10 pt. font. after the prologue book there would be a trilogy. I know that the plot line that I have would be long enough for a good trilogy but I get bored when I write sometimes. Any suggestions? (besides music)


Heavy Weapons Guy
I don't think I could write something even as long as a short book. I'm too used to getting right to the point. But good luck on your novel scubasteve.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Ive actually tried once, I managed to get as far as page 2 before I gave up lol Sometimes I feel like I have good ideas but when I finally commit to them I lose my passion for them quickly.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Thanks, Van, hopefully I can get going with it soon.


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I made it pretty far once. In high school we had an assignment to write a short story in English class. I wasn't one for doing EXACTLY what I was told at the time and thought I'd mix things up a bit. I asked the teacher how long the story had to be. She said it could be as long as we wanted but at least 3 pages.

Nice.. so I spent the next two weeks writing as many pages as I could. My "short story" had subplots, relationships, multiple days, multiple locations, etc, and in the end I had a story that was 90 pages long double spaced size 9 font.

Oh yes, did I mention chapters? It even had a prologue. Needless to say, when the time came to read our stories to the class (which I was not aware of until she mentioned it on the day they were due) I showed her my story and I was the only student who didn't have to read his story to the class.

I sure showed her. I doubt she read any of it, but hey at least I got an A++. I guess she figured if she didn't read all of it she couldn't fairly give me anything less than 100%. :D

I bet she set a page limit in the future. ;)


Registered Member
I've written two ebooks and have sold a few copies in the eBay world.

One book was about how to beat traffic tickets in court, primarily California, however it will work in most other states as well.

The other ebook I wrote was exposing the Iraqi Dinar Get Rich Quick scam.

Both are about 30 pages each with lots of cool little graphics and are an easy read.

Looking back on it, I estimate I made close to $500 on both of them and just used the profits to keep my eBay account up to speed and of course for the occasional gadget purchase.