Ever Pull A Muscle Due to Climate Change?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Shwa, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Shwa

    Shwa Gay As Fuck V.I.P. Lifetime

    Fellow GF Members, I pose a question about a condition that's happened to me on several occasions. Have any of you pulled a muscle while you were sleeping or waking up because of the sudden change in climate in your room or place of sleep?

    This happened to me a couple of times when I was in the Marines or just at home, I would wake up and I would feel a strong strain in my calf muscle (only on one side) and then it would feel like I pulled the s*** out of it. So far, it's only been on my calf (thank God!), but either way it hurts like hell. Have any of y'all ever had this type of thing happen to you before with your legs or different muscle in your body?


  2. AnitaKnapp

    AnitaKnapp It's not me, it's you. V.I.P. Lifetime

    That sounds like what my family calls a charlie horse cramp. I get them at night sometimes, in my calf as well, and get up hobbling around the room until the pain lessens. Then it's sore for days.
  3. Shwa

    Shwa Gay As Fuck V.I.P. Lifetime

    Oooohhh, so that's what a Charlie Horse is. I always thought it was a cramp, but never thought it was in the area where I was talking about.

  4. AnitaKnapp

    AnitaKnapp It's not me, it's you. V.I.P. Lifetime

    You can get them in other places too, but the most common spot for me is always the calves. I have had it happen around the jaw area when yawning before too.
  5. Xeilo

    Xeilo Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    Yes I have had this happen to me a few times while in bed, and it was not pleasant to wake up to lol, sometimes I'm awake when it happens but usually asleep, and that is the worst of times.
  6. RufusMagnus33

    RufusMagnus33 Registered Member

    I can't say that I have. Sounds painful.
  7. plowe08

    plowe08 New Member

    wow i have never heard of this before lol
  8. Iris

    Iris rainbow 11!

    I get it all of the time. I hate them so much! Dehydration can sometimes cause it too. Haha
  9. icegoat63

    icegoat63 Son of Liberty V.I.P. Lifetime

    Every now and then I'll get wicked cramps in my ribs like that. Its deinitely not fun, and thinking on it I dont know if I ever checked a climate change as the cause... maybe next time I get one I'll have to try my best to remember to note that.

    But yeah, I'll just be sitting there or standing there and for some weird reason the muscle on the back of my ribs just tightens up and will lock, its incredibly painful but fortunately passes quick.
  10. Blueyes

    Blueyes Registered Member

    Ya I'll get that at night sometimes too but its always due to me being dehydrated because I just won't drink anything because I don't feel the need but try to anyways but it's not due to the weather change. My arthritis will kick in with severe weather change shifts and that hurts.

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