Ever lied about your age?


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I did when I was too young to watch an R rated movie. I even had a fake ID. :shifteyes: Other than that I have no use for lying about my age.


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I've always been tall and looked older than I was so I used to add a few years on so I could get into pubs and clubs.

Now that I'm nearly 20 there's no need to lie. Maybe when I get to 30 I might lie and say I'm 25!!
"You must be 18+ (or 21 in some states) to visit this site. If you meet the requirements, click "Enter" to enter the site."

*clicks yes even though I was under 18*

Those were in my sinful days. I've fibbed here and there about my age when asked. I don't think I ever outright said a fake age unless I was asked first.

And for the record, I AM 24 here and in real life. That isn't a lie. Or is it...? '_'
I used to use fake ID to get in to places when I was 17 but only a couple of times. Borrowed my cousins cos we look alike. Thats all really, and now im 18 I don't have to do anything like that anymore.


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I have a friend who lies about his age often (deducts 10-15 years) so that he can date younger people. He looks young so he gets away with it. I just wondered if his dates would really not consider dating him if they knew his real age or his lying is useless.


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When i was younger i would to get into see films i shouldnt be seeing,at 17 i lied about my age,to get into pubs and clubs,although my ID was fake it was real too.

What i mean is i lied about my age when i got a job working the door with my brother and cousin,so i had a doorman ID that was real,its just they made a typo on the age,and hit the 8 instead of the seven!.
I shouldnt have been in the place,let alone working there.


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I used to get served in pubs [bars] when I was 15 [the legal age in the U.K is 18], so of course, I was not truthful about my age.
Their have been one or two rare times just after my birthdays past 24, I've knocked a year off my age. Pretty silly really, but that's what I did.


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I lie about my age when I go out to bars and clubs. When I meet girls, I always ask there age first, and if they tell me there 19 years old, then I'll pretend I'm 19 or 20, if they tell me there 26, I'll try to fool them and tell them I'm 25.

That's the only time I do it though.