Ever had those days...?


Ms. Malone
Have you every had one of those days where you and your friend say down right crazy shit? I pretty much have those days 3 days a week (cause those are the days i go to college) and my little group of six (that inculdes me!) come up with some crazy stuff!

For starters on Monday afternoon at lunch 5 of us were sat in MacDonalds just having some stupid conversations when we suddenly turned onto the subject of pickles...

Ant (scottish): None of you Brits like pickles, i do and so does Kai!
Me: Well considering what you two eat, i suppose you'd eat anything.
Ant: What do Chinese eat?
Me: Dog tongue
Andy: No they don't that's Tiwanese(sp?)
David: Wait a minute...dog dung?
*we all start laughing*
Me: Dog TONGUE! Ya idiot!
David: Oh right, i thought you said dog dung.
Ant: I think a bit of lettuce went up my nose!
*we start laughing again*
Ant: Ah, there it goes!
Me: Eww! Snot lettuce!!

Some time during Tuesday morning we were talking while our tutor marked some test papers...
Johnny: Y'know i once saw this Barbie that looked like a prostitute! Seriously, it had a short skirt and a shirt up here!
Me: Well Barbie would be competeing with Bratz and all that...
David: Well it's competeing with all dolls like that.
Johnny: But does it need to look like a prostitute!?
Andy: Prostitute Barbie!
*we laugh*
Me: With Shy First Time Ken!
Johnny: No Pimp Ken!
*more laughter*
David: With drive by shooting action!
Johnny: And a condom! And each Barbie comes with some crack!

Later that Tuesday Morning....
Me *whispering*:....Why is it called a blow job when you don't blow on it?
Andy: I dunno, ask Johnny.
*I ask Johnny the same question*
Johnny: That's a good question...*turns to another Andy and asks him*
Andy2: I dunno, i've never had one
Johnny: We're whispering!
Andy2 *whispering*: Sorry!

And today Kai and Andy bought a kinder surprise each and we went through our before workshop ritual of pelting each other with the plastic egg that the toys come in. David was hit in each eye, Kai kept trying to melt them, Johnny made silly sound effects, Ant was trying to protect himself with his bag and shouting weird things, and i had my coat pulled over my head to protect myself. It was a seriously funny afternoon! We got some of it on Andy's phone cam, so if anyone wants to see the fun i'll pester him to e-mail it to me.

Anyone else had days like these, or is it just my screwy group?


A Darker Knight
We like to pretend we know how to play WOW and act like we've been at it for years. It makes it even more hilarious when you're near a group of gamers who actually know how to play WOW.

-Dude, I just level up yesterday!
-Really? My orc just got PWNED by some random guys mage.
-Aw, that sucks. You should've gotten the super shield. It covers 12 point hits from orc.
-Wow. Speaking of super shileds, I got a gold shield for 300 points and now it protects all my undead from dragons!
-No way! I need to fight more undead. I'm only level 49. I keep getting PWNED.

aaah, so much fun