Ever had a crush on your teacher?


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If yes, did it make you more interested in the class s/he is teaching or did it make you more distracted?

I remember having a crush on my Humanties teacher. I was very active in class so I would get a good impression. :hah:. The literature discussions, especially on poetry, looked more interesting to me than it normally would. I wish I had a crush on my teacher who taught the bost boring subject. That would probably have helped a bit in making it more bearable.


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I think everyone in my school was hot for a substitute french teacher we had for a while, Doreen (nobody seems to remember her second name). Absolutely amazing looking woman, and when she spoke french.... you'd just melt in your chair!

She left soon after a student slapped her arse in a crowded hallway though. That caused quite the controversy..... and no it wasn't me! :p
I used to think my English teacher was the best thing since sliced bread, but I was only about 10 and soon grew out of that :lol: All the girls in the class had a crush on him I think. I'm still friends with some of them, and we had to laugh when we found out he was fired a year or two ago for being a perve. (ok, so the story is longer than that but I won't go in to it :lol:)


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:lol: Yes I fancied the RE teacher. But so did most of the girls at school lol. Mmmm he was tall, dark and handsome. And it's funny cause he now teaches my eldest son and he is still as handsome as ever. It's a bit embarrasing when it is a parents evening and have to talk to him cause he knew I used to fancy him when he taught me :lol2:


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One of the English teachers in high school for a while.

A crush that stuck was the one i had on a student teacher in college, he had an Irish accent and i teased him a little about the way he said things; he said 'wee pin' when he was talking about a car door and i giggled :D

He left to go back to Uni and never came back though.


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yeah my english teacher in year 7, he wasn't attractive, I just admired his teaching skills and the effort he made, and his skills with the kids, he really cared and i found myself really excited to get to his class,


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Crush? Not probably. I was taken under the wing of a kindly elementary school teacher who gave me the novel Where the Red Fern Grows and used to keep her room open after school so that we could hang out and do crafts, and there was Mrs. Faletto (!) in high school, whose perky form was a constant distraction from my studies. They were kind of like an aunt and a stripper to me, though, respectively. I don't think I ever had a real crush until I was much older.