Ever get kicked out?


Sultan of Swat
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Yesterday I went to a bar, and I was pretty hammered. The bouncer felt like I was to drunk so he kicked me out. :rolleyes:

My question to you guys is have you ever gotten kicked out from a club or bar for being to drunk?


Sally Twit
No because IF I go to a bar then I don't drink too much. I like to be in control of myself and I know my own limit. I've never been around anyone that has been kicked out of one either.


Creeping On You
Can't say that I've ever been kicked out, but according to Pretzel, at his birthday, I was ALMOST kicked out. I was climbing onto the chairs and standing up and announcing random things apparently. And then I was crawling under the table too lol. The manager almost kicked me out lol. We all left soon after lol.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I have never been kicked out of a bar or club, but I have had several friends of mine get kicked out when I was there with them. That sucks almost as bad as being the one who got kicked out.


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Yeah I have been asked to leave a bar for being drunk, a lot actually.
When I was around 18/19 it was a regular thing to get kicked out of bars for being hammered, which would lead to being barred at some places because they would have to forcibly remove myself and friends.

I changed my outlook on it when I started working door's myself.

There have been a couple of times where I have been asked to leave when I was stone cold sober, those times I was not a happy person at being asked to leave.


Endangered Species
I have when I was younger.

I bought a round of drinks for a group of friends and then when I went to pay for it, I handed the girl a £50 note. She refused to accept it and said it is bar policy not to accept anything over a £20. I told her a £50 was all I had. She then called security and told them I was refusing to pay:mad: I tried to explain it to the beefheads but they did not listen.

It was in the same bar when on one occasion the taxi dropped us off outside, as I walked across to the main entrance I tripped on the loose pavement, they refused me entry saying I was too drunk. I had not even had one drink at that point bu they flat out refused entry.


Sultan of Swat
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Just wanted to add that it's not my first time being kicked out for being to hammered. It as happened to me many times. Sometimes I am really mad about it, because I don't believe I deserved it, but sometimes I do accept it. One time I got kicked out and forgot my credit card there, that wasn't a good thing lol.
I have never personally been kicked out, but that is pretty funny haha. My friend was kicked out of a club once because she got in a half-fight, so I went with her (to be supportive, you know, blah blah) and we just went to a different place.


Sultan of Swat
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No, I've never been asked to leave a bar because I was too drunk.

If I had been I would be very embarassed.
I think I am to drunk to be embarassed. Your more mad then anything else. Well I know I am.

I am to drunk to get in anywhere else most of the time, so me and my friends just go home.