Ever Get Banned From A Forum Site ???

Have you ever got banned form a forum site or have you ever told a forum site to stick it ???

I got banned from 4 forum sites
I told the admin on 4 other forum sites to stick it


The Hierophant
I've gotten banned from more sites than I can remember.

BUT! I've been banned from the same forum about five or six separate times. Mostly for posting pictures that I shouldn't have.

Nothing quite like some gore. :lol:


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Who hasn't?

I've been banned heaps actually, maybe at least 5 times on each forum, but I haven't been banned in AGES!

I am suprised I've only been banned once on Fusion-Central, but never on General Forum.
I've never been banned from a forum before. The closest I ever came was I got into an argument with one of the Admins friends and he was pissed, but then everyone else on the forum backed me up that I was perfectly justified, and things went on as normal.


I am the woolrus
I've never been banned from a forum. I've never been banned from anything actually....

People like me :D


Son of Liberty
I've never been banned from a site. Hell to be honest I've only got one warning or infraction ever and that was here! :hah: There was one time last year where I had the owner of a forum I used to frequent confronted me about "trying to steal his members". The problem was I had dished out a few of my friends from that site my recruiting link to this one. And some of them even joined! But he took offense to that and had to PM me a pretty nasty letter saying GF was a spammy site that he didnt want plaguing his site. I blamed Babe for that... lol he was the one who lured me from that site ;)