Ever feel like you do too much for others?


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I always try to do things for people, if it is a slight quick favor or task i try and do it, try and look out for a lot of people.....some times lose time for myself.

anyone else?
Some take help for granted and expect to be served everytime.

I try to be helpful, lend a few notes here and words of support there, people who deserve it.


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i allways reach hand when needed i like helping and smileing mostly. i never feel its to much or i reach my limit or abstracted by some.


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i always put my son, family and boyfriend b4 myself...i have to start learning that i can always make everyone happy and i have to start thinking about me for a change!!


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I always try to do things for people, if it is a slight quick favor or task i try and do it, try and look out for a lot of people.....some times lose time for myself.

anyone else?
Yeah, I'm quite selfless at my job and at home. I do a lot for friends and I think sometimes I don't give myself enough time. It sucks because you want to be helpful but when overdone, you put yourself at risk for being used or walked upon.


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Phah, doing to much for others.
To me, 'doing stuff', is really simple. On certain points of life, I see things as black and white as it gets.

I don't do things for others. AT ALL. Unless I get something in return. Period.
If I don't see the point, of helping out someone else (because it wouldn't give me something in return), I wouldn't do it.

2 simple examples.

A stranger is laying on the train tracks. Screaming out to me, if I could possibly lend them a hand, and save them from a rather painful death.
At that moment, my brain starts thinking.

"If I did save this person, would I get something in return?" - "Does this person look rich?" - "Could there be a reward?"

If so, I'd probably lend them a hand. (If that wouldn't mean risking my own life).

If not, I'd let them down there, and continue minding my own business. No matter which gender or age the person is.

Example 2. (true story)

I was sitting in a train, going back home, from a long day at school.
In front of me, was a man, eating some chicken. Fat as he was, he still decided to down that chicken, like there was no tomorow. And there wasn't.

At a certain point, the man grabs his chest, and moans in pain.
At first I thought he was chocking, but I quickly realized he was having a heart attack.
By then, I had already made up my mind about this guy, and decided he was not worth saving.
I didn't knew the guy, and he wouldn't be of any assistance to me in the future. The chance of there being a 'reward', was slim, and simply said "I couldn't give a damn". Thus, I continued listening to my music, while staring outside.

People around me however, stated panicking, like the man in front of me, who was now slowly sinking down in his seat.
Some bystanders pulled the emergency brake, and went out, to go get some help.
After a few seconds, 4 to 5 people came back, with this "green box". Not sure what its called, but its one of those things you plug in, and then you can shock the crap out of someone, to give them some pulse. Or whatever.

Some paramedics asked me to 'move', since I was still sitting in front of the guy, and probably blocking the road to a successful rescue.
So I got up, and walked to a different seat, just to sit back down again, and continue listening to my music.

Now don't get me wrong. I do sound like a heartless bastard, if you read this story.
But ask yourself this question.

What was in it for me?

A friendly smile, and the satisfaction of 'doing something good'?.
Really now... those things are hardly a motivation.

Thats why I don't give to charity, and thats why I don't give money away, knowing I won't get it back. I don't get up for old people. I don't move away for a pregnant woman and I wouldn't help someone cross the street.

Unless, they can provide me with something wonderful.

(Don't judge me, its just the way I am.)


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No I don't feel I do too much for people. How much I do for someone is directly related to how much they do for me. If someone goes out of their way to help me out, I will definitely do the same for them, but if someone is all take then I tell them where to shove it.