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Ever done auctions for charity?


Registered Member
I really want to participate in this, but from my understanding, eBay charges the charitable contribution to your credit card as soon as the auction is over, not when the buyer pays. Am I understanding that right?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I'm not sure about that, but if you DID do a charity auction, you'd have to get a signed letter from the charity that ok'd your using their name in the auction. eBay is really hard on charity auctions for some reason unless you do an "official eBay charity" auction and pick one of their charities.


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I would be suspicious on bidding on a charity auction. How does the buyer know the money is really going to the charity in question? Do they receive some type of receipt or is it up the the honestly of the seller?


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Since with eBay Giving Works you work with one of the eBay charaties, they make it easier for you, right? As a buyer, I would be willing to do this if I could see that it really was going to a charity.

What a nice idea, technoflute.


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If you go through eBay's Giving Works program, the money is automatically taken and given to the charity. The seller doesn't have to do anything so there really isn't a way to cheat the buyer.

I'm just concerned about if the buyer doesn't pay.