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Ever Been to a Protest?


For a Free Scotland
Have you ever been to a protest or engaged in direct action (walkouts, sit-ins, boycotts, strikes)?

I went to a protest by Anonymous against the Church of Scientology, protesting their authoritarian 'navy', the Sea Org. It was pirate themed.

I wore this, of course:

To change!


Nice! I would like to protest against scientology one day. I've never actually gone to a protest even though there have been plenty that I would have liked to. I did accidently stumble into a big protest in the middles of Paris once. It was about 8 at night and the streets where filled with thousands of students protesting something (I'm still not sure what). But there were hundreds of police in full riot gear and everything, it was crazy.


Registered Member
No but I just about joined one in 2009 at tax day with the tea party. I never made it though and have been glad to see their presence and influence.


Registered Member
A couple of years ago there was a march in NYC for changes to immigration policy, peppered with smaller groups marching for their own individual interests. I marched with a group protesting the war in Iraq.


New Member
I almost did a few years ago in DC but other things came up. I still would like to but for the safety of myself and others i dont think its such a good idea :p


AKA Ass-Bandit
Yeah, same reason as Kaz acually. Did it in London, and I think I was the only person to come dressed in ninja garb.


not a plastic bag
I went to a few local Tea Party protest. It was cool being in a crowd of people with the same views about taxation and spending and also because most that drove by seemed to support the cause.


Registered Member
No, I have not been to a protest but I did feel very strongly about the rise in tuition fees for students. I just did not want to be involved with violence because I think that gets no one anywhere. It just makes people talk about the violence rather than the bigger picture. There is no need for violence of any sort in this world.


Creeping On You
I've never been to a protest. I've always wanted to go to one, but I've never seen one that was actually worth my time. Most protests I see are less people protesting, and more people just wanting to look like they are protesting.


Registered Member
I have been at the protest a few weeks ago. It was a protest against our Government and their decisions, people wanted to sack Government because of a really bad financial and social situation in our country. Protests were held all around the country, in all bigger cities.