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Ever been scammed?


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Have you ever been scammed? If so, what happened and did you learn from the mistake or have you been scammed since?

I was scammed once on eBay. Lost several hundred dollars on an item that "wasn't in stock yet". Well, 30 days later it was too late to file the claim. Moral of the story? Don't buy things unless they are ready to ship out. If it says "Pre-order", don't buy it unless it's from a very reputable seller. The problem with that theory however is that I bought this from somebody with thousands of positive feedbacks. Apparently his account was phished and the person who stole it had made a bunch of fake listings. You can't really trust anything online, even if it looks legit, unfortunately.
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My dad got scammed by the medical supply store site a few years ago. It wasn't much money but my dad was mad about it.


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No, thankfully I have never been scammed on the internet and I hope I never am. I don't buy a lot of things on the internet anyway and when I do I try and make sure that everything is scam free to the best of my abilities, but you can't always guarantee.


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Yes but only once. It was through Ebay and was the first and only bad experience I've ever had. Obviously not Ebay's fault, I understand that much.

What had happened was I had bought a PS3 game on there for like 30-40 bucks. I paid immediately after I won it and just began my waiting. I think I waited for about two weeks when I finally started to think "no way.. it shouldnt take this long" so I went to the myebay section to check my purchases and the sucker I had bought it from had cancelled their account and ran off with my money.

I contacted the PayPal fraud department and got my money back. But I was still bummed that I'd got screwed out of the game, I wanted that game :hah: I actually ended up just breaking down and buying it like a normal person from a local dealer instead of online.


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Yeah, I tried to order pizza online and it never came (because they had problems with the site at that time) but they charged me and will probably reimburse me if I wrote enough letters or made several calls. I can always contact my bank too and send them a registered letter to bring it back but then....it's not such an expensive purchase either that I didn't bother anymore.


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My wife and I used to use PayPal until somebody used our account to buy four laptops. This is somebody in Ohio, mind you (we live in NY) But they were caught, the laptops returned to Dell and our account was corrected. We still don't use PayPal, tho.

I think if you use The Internet long enough you'll get scammed, hustled, cheated or rooked one way or another. No matter how careful, intelligent or wary we are, you can't stay on your guard 24/7/365


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I bought a copy of MGS2 on amazon, off the 'used & new' bit. After 2 weeks it hadn't arrived and I complained to Amazon. They just wrote back an e-mail of apology and I was refunded.


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I've been scammed. Mostly because I do paintings of portraits for people, and I do all of my business over the internet. I received a cheque for the painting I did, and sent out the painting to the person who had ordered it. Little did I know they had no money in their account so the cheque bounced.