Ever been Repelling? Which do you like more: Rock Climbing, Repelling?

Which do you like more: rock climbing, repelling?

  • Only been repelling, but I think I would like it more than rock climbing.

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For those of you who don't know, Repelling is when you go DOWN the mountain. If you didn't know that, don't bother voting on this poll... haha j/k! If you've never done both, feel free to vote based on what you think you would like more.

Which do you like more and why?

I personally like repelling more than rock climbing. It's faster and more of a rush.


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It's something i've never tried, But maybe in the future i'll be able too. Think i need a little more experience in rock climbing before i try that.


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I like rock climbing a lot more because it's much more of a challenge/accomplishment getting to the top than it is getting down. Rappelling is easy if you know what you're doing and doesn't really require much physical strength or skill.
I've only ever done really amateur rock climbing before.. and never repelling.. to be honest with you I thought this thread was going to be something to do with getting rid of bugs :laugh: we call it abseiling (i think thats the same thing?) and it looks fun, I'd like to try it once. However if I was going to take up one of them as a hobby then I'd go with rock climbing because it sounds like more of a challenge, like Echoes said.


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I pick rock climbing. I like going higher and higher rather than lower and lower. Like said before, I feel more accomplished when I get to the top. I like to sit ontop and look whatever view is upon me.