Ever Been In A Fight?


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I did a search and I couldn't find any old thread about this so I'm bringing it up (If there was one and I missed it, my apologies).

Anyone ever been in a fight? A real fight?

Martial arts training or tournaments don't count, although if something extraordinary happened at a martial arts tournament you think is worth mentioning feel free to do so.

I'm talking about the kind of fight that would leave a person's face disproportional had it escalated further or the kind of fight that could be considered life-threatening.

So far I've scrapped by without really any encounters worth mentioning but I've come pretty close.

How bout you?


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I have been in a fight...
It was like an old school "meet me at the flag pole after school" type of fight
I dont exactly know why i fought him it was just like all the sudden people were saying that me and this kid were going to fight and so we meet at the basketball courts and went a few rounds...I ended up with a stretched out shirt collar :lol:
He wasn't that lucky, he bit through his tongue and broke his nose and had to get stitches on his eye and his shin

It seemed as if it was an even fight we were same age, height, weight
I got suspended from school and they did a story on it in the local newspaper

...im not proud of it but at least i can say i won


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I was supposed to fight this kid after school one day in 7th grade. Word got out that there was a fight, so of course about 100 people showed up to watch. The kid never showed. Fight never happened.

My friends and I have gotten in each others faces and pushed each other around on occasion (usually when drinking is involved), but it's never escalated to the point of punches being thrown.


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Thankfully I have never been in a fight and to be honest I dont want to have to experience a real fight. It looks sore and pretty horrible. Ive seen real fights happen before and school and outside of school with my friends or just strangers that I don't know, but never been in one.


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All the time, I'm constantly punching pregnant women in the stomach when they want an abortion.

I've never been in a fist fight but I've had lots of verbal fights. I am not a violent person and I believe there's always another way to solve your differences other than using your fists.
I got in 2, almost 3 fights during my sophomore year in high school. The first fight was when I walked up to this kid on the school bus and punched him in the chest, he immediately punched me back several times then I headbutted him once but he punched me again about 3 or 4 more times before I got up and walked home.

The second fight was the worst. It was near the end of that same school year, in chemistry class and I heard this one kid talking under his breath and I assumed it was about me. I told him if he has something to say to me then come to me and say it. So he got up, walked over to me and punched me in the face. For a moment I was in disbelieft so I headbutted him in the nose and broke it but he finished it by hitting me in the face again and knocking my glasses off. It was pretty fast and the teacher was just like "what the hell?!" so we both got suspended.

The 3rd fight originally almost happened at the beginning of that same school year and I wanted to beat this kid up because he was making fun of me but I didn't have the guts to do it so I walked home.

So all these fights have something in common: me starting them because I wasn't able to take a joke.


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Sadly I have had more than my fair share of violent encounters.

I have been involved in everything from shoving and taunting to full scale, old west style bar fights.
I worked as doorman in a couple of rather unsavoury places, where fights were more populer than drinking, I have seen people hit with everything from ashtrays to pool cues and even a toilet seat, lol.

In the time I worked the doors I was myself hit with a number of ready at hand tools that can be found in most bars, pool cue to the ribs, bottle to the back of the head, that kind of thing.

I have had a few encounters in the street as well , mostly the are resolved swiftly, but I have been involved in a couple of battles.
My brothers and I have fought with each other, and I have fought with friends, people always found it strange that we would go hammer and tong with each other then pick each up and go get a beer, the encounter forgotten about.

I was not what you could call an angel when I was younger, but over the years I have calmed down and learnt that fighting, for any reason other than self defence is a fools game.
Would I still throw down if it came to it, probaly, but I wish ABOVE EVERYTHING that my son will never have to raise his hands in preperation for a fight, I have had enough for the both of us.


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Thankfully, I've never been in a fight. Arguments...yes...but fights...no. Fights would probably turn out REALL REALLY bad for me.

Basically like everyone I know tells me I am "book smart and not street smart" so I would, undoubtedly, lose.


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I've been in two as I try to avoid them unless absolutely necessary. The first was when I was in primary school and me and my friend had just 'broken up' and started yelling and screaming at each other, then kicking and slapping each other...I was about 9 I think. :shifteyes:

The second one wasn't really a fair fight. I was really drunk, there was one of me and three of them. I was walking to the end of the street from the party I as at and these girls I didn't get on with from school appeared and we got into a verbal fight. Then one of them punched me from behind (cheap shot) so I got pissed and lashed out at one of her friends. I managed to throw a few punches before the really big girl there held me back and restrained me while the others used me as a punching bag. The friend I was with just stood there...great friend :stare: