Ever been electrocuted?


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Growing up, and even currently, we always ran electric fence for our horses. Its much safer than barbed wire, for us and the horses. Getting zapped by that thing barely hurt, as long as you were wearing shoes. You were less grounded, and since it was only voltage, no amps, it didn't do much. However, one time, I was kneeling beside the fence, moving some rocks when my shoulder brushed up against the fence. Hoooooobooooooyyyyy, that was a big shock, hurt like heck.

Another time, I figured I'd stick a knife in the socket to see if it really happens like it does on tv. It'd didn't luckily, but boy it still hurt a bunch. My hair didn't stand on end, and neither did my face turn black =P

What about yourselves. What has your run in's with electricity been like? Know anyone who's been electrocuted?


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Yeah i always used to catch myself on the electric fence at home to keep the bull my parents had in, it never really hurt, just made me jump.

One of my mates got electrocuted by a fridge at a party one night. The fridge was outside and the grass must have gotten wet. It was a funny sight to see her falling backwards with the fridge on top of her shen she went to get a drink out of it.


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yeah, when I was younger we had the hotwire keeping the cattle and goats in. I had also got hit by mean cousins and mischevious dad with the Cattle Prod.. that was never fun.

Now a days its the Dog training collars, I'd been hit by those pretty good with the highest power they go to. It hurts thats for sure.


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I've been electrocuted a couple of times. The worst was when I trod on an open plug with my bare foot, which was lying in the middle of the floor on an extension lead. (We were using it for our old NES and Sega :lol:) Apparantly, my older brother replaced the fuse and 'forgot' to screw the top back on. That hurt quite a bit. My foot was numb for most of the day. However, after telling my brother what had happened, we ended up playing dare with the plug. I put my hand on it twice. I think I was about 7.

I've also had a shock from a faulty toaster, which was a little painful, and I've played the Reaction Shock games quite a bit, but they're more irritating than painful.
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When I was small, my favourite thing was when walking to the kitchen was to swing with one hand on the sink and the other one on the freezer, if I time it properly, electricity passes your body! It feels awesome.

I got electrocuded the other day, I touched a pole..
It wasn't that bad of a shock, but last year when we were getting ready to move out of our old apartment, I was trying to unplug all our video game systems. I was on my hands and knees trying to reach back and unplug one of the systems (I think the 360) and I managed to get it about half way out before I kinda slipped and my hand brushed against the prongs that were still half in the outlet. I got a decent little shock from that.
Mm. Had set up a transformer for a car- track, and was going to just solder in a scalable switch on the side of the other one. So I turn the switch off, and I go "right, so from here to here", putting a finger on each wire.


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Yeah, I have been electrocuted a few times before when I was younger.
I was at my friends farm and they had electric fencing round a field, I got a bit too close to it and then I got electrocuted.
There was another time I was on a golf course and they had electric fencing round the very edge of some of the sections and my ball got stuck behing the fence, so when I tried to reach it I got elecrocuted. Not a very nice feeling.


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Actually none of us have been electrocuted as we are still alive and posting. But I stuck my hand in a hole in a wall once touching an exposed wire and got a nasty shock, didn't feel at all the way I imagined it would. Got real hot real fast and I couldn't let go right away. I'd never describe it as cool though, it was one of the more painful experiences I can remember. And who hasn't tasted a 9 volt?


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I get at least two to three electric shocks a week!.
A lot of my job involves wiring up signs,repair and maintenace of them as well,when repairing them we will go in,turn them of and start work,the number of times someone will turn them back on is just not funny.

I work with neon as well,never had a shock from that as of yet,and hope i never do as it runs from transformers on a DC current.

Most of them are 10,000 volt transformers running with anywhere between 25 to 50 mili amps,a nasty combination.
My boss has seen a painter slip and grab a piece of expossed cable from one of these,being DC he could not let go and the cable burned through his hand down to to the bone.