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Ever been caught with a person whose parents don't like you?


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Thought this could be fun if others have experienced this to talk about the results. When I was younger I started a relationship with a girl raised in a strict religious family. They did not know about it and one day she told me I could come over because her mom would not be home for a while. So I bring her roses to be nice and we go to her room to talk. Now the crazy part is this was the first time I was ever alone with her. In fact, I met her through her best friend that I dated before her which is probably the only reason I ever found out about her considering how her parents were about boys.

Anyway, so I expect going in that we will just talk considering her extreme religious parents. I mean she wasn't even allowed to date yet or hang out with boys...

Well, I was trying to be respectful but she pushes me right on her bed and starts messing around with me like a dog in heat, we never got to sex though. Totally didn't see it comming but next thing I know her mom gets in early......

She comes busting in the door screaming "who is in this house". So the girl tried to say "He just got me a rose". Next think I know this crazy bitch is chasing me out of the house with a broom stick, lmao.

Anyone else have stories of being caught with a person whose parents didn't want you together and the results?


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Not really, that is pretty crazy. I heard that "religious repressed" are the horniest. LOL! The closest I got to that was with my High School sweetheart her Dad called me up to never speak to her or see her again. So we defied him and stayed together for 3 + years.


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Yeah it was, sucked to because she was the only cute red head I dated and I have a thing for hot redheads.


I dated a girl for 2 years whose parents hated me. I wish one of them would've chased me out of the house with a broom, would've saved me a lot of wasted time & effort. Haha.

I guess they only time I've ever been "caught" was with a girl I was seeing for a short time 6-7 years ago. We were at her parent's house, everyone was gone but her dad, who was working outside in the garage. We started messing around and somehow he managed to walk back in the house silent as a ghost and barged into her room mid blowjob. It was the most uncomfortable moment of my life - when our eyes met, my dick in his daughter's mouth, I wish I could've just disappeared... sooo awkward. Haha. The parents didn't love me before that, but they sure as hell hated me afterwards. Haha.


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I have I tell you what I get greedy upon the facts about this. I'm always excited to meet parents of the girls I've dated and yet it not nervousing but I want to get on the right foot. And so my ex girlfriend whom I've been with for a long time her parents hated. She is trying to fight for but you know the typical bond of parent and kids. So I gave the ultimatum. Either she fights for me or fight for her parents. Either way someone's getting a black eye (metaphorically) But I honestly didn't care if her parents hated me. As long as I get to share the relationship with me and her. But it turns out she chose her parents I know I was hurt but some things can't go your way in life and that sucks. My two cents


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I am loved and adored by parents all over the country so I don't have a story about that but I do know my parents haven't really approved of either of the longer termed relationships I've had.

They didn't come out and say it but you could tell. The most recent girl could pick up on it too and I had to defend them for months before it finally ended. They funny part is they were right about them and I was wrong so I guess parents really do know what's right for you sometimes haha.


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I've been lucky with parents of my exes. Not counting my former father-in-law, all of them adored me. Although at one time I started seeing someone and we tried to avoid our relatives until we're more sure we're official. His aunt caught us at one point - we didn't know she saw us so the "running away" just made her dislike the possibility of us being together.


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Parents love me :)

I don't know why hahaha!