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Events On Your Birthday


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Stealing the idea from Dabs, kinda

What interesting events from history happened on your birthday

For me, october 3rd

1995 – O J Simpson acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
1955 – The Mickey Mouse Club debuts on ABC.
1952 – The United Kingdom successfully tests a nuclear weapon.
1863 – The last Thursday in November is declared as Thanksgiving Day by President Abraham Lincoln as are Thursdays, November 30, 1865 and November 29, 1866.
1778 – British Captain James Cook anchors in Alaska.

How about yours?


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1994 - O.J. Simpson doesn't turn himself in on murder charges, Los Angeles police chase his Ford Bronco for 1 hours, eventually gives up

1988 - Givens' Family reports Mike Tyson beats his wife Robin Givens

1988 - Microsoft releases MS DOS 4.0

1962 - Supreme Court rules against Bible reading/prayer in public schools

1960 - Ted Williams hit his 500th home runs

Courtesy of Brain History


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Excellent thread idea, Lauren

July 17

1918 - The Bolsheviks execute Tsar Nicholas II and his family (killed the Tsar and his ministers, Anastasia screamed in vain)

1955 - Disneyland opens

1996 - TWA flight 800 explodes off the coast of Long Island

1996 - Chas Chandler died


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Here's some of the more modern stuff for April 20th.

1889 - Birth of Adolf Hitler

1912 - Opening day at Fenway Park

1972 - Apollo 16 lands on the moon

1982 - Birth of Echoes

1986 - Michael Jordan sets a playoff record with 63 points against the Celtics

1999 - Columbine High School shootings

2010 - Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, causing the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Every year - 4/20 day, where people gather together to smoke pot


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You have some pretty interesting ones Eches. The ones that strikes me the most are the birth of Hitler(for obvious reasons) and the opening of Fenway Park. It's just amazing that they still play Baseball at Fenway Park, which opened 98 years ago. I wonder how long they'll keep it for. I watched the 63 point game from Jordan a few times, and till this day it's one of the best games I've ever seen.

PS: I like how you included your birth, I thought about doing it after I posting my thread, but you beat me to it LOL.


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I was born on April 1st-

1873 Birth - Sergei Vasilievitch Rachmaninov Novgorod Provine Russia, composer

1883 Birth - Lon Chaney Colorado Springs CO, man of 1000 faces, actor

1891 The Wrigley Company is founded in Chicago, Illinois.

1924 Adolf Hitler is sentenced to five years in jail for his participation in the "Beer Hall Putsch." However, he spends only nine months in jail, during which he writes the book Mein Kampf.

1931 Jackie Mitchell became first female in professional baseball

1932 Birth - Debbie Reynolds El Paso TX, actress

1947 Death - George II king of Greece, dies at 56

1962 Birth - Rich Amaral Visalia CA, outfielder (Seattle Mariners)

1962 Birth---Dabs....the official April Fool's baybee :)

1970 John & Yoko release hoax they are having dual sex change operations

1975 On April Fool's Day, 1975, pranksters broke into London's Big Ben and switched its gears so that it ran counter-clockwise

1976 Freddie Lennon father of John Lennon, dies at 63

1984 Death - Marvin Gaye shot to death by his father Marvin Gaye Sr in Los Angeles CA at 44

1990 Jack Nicklaus wins first start on Senior PGA tour

2001 Same-sex marriage comes into force in the Netherlands, which is the first country to allow it

2002 The Netherlands legalizes euthanasia, becoming the first nation in the world to do so.


November, 27

1983 – Avianca Flight 011, a Boeing 747 crashes near Madrid's Barajas Airport, killing 181.
1984 – Under the Brussels Agreement signed between the governments of the United Kingdom and Spain, the former agreed to enter into discussions with Spain over Gibraltar, including sovereignty.
1989 – Avianca Flight 203, a Boeing 727, explodes in mid-air over Colombia, killing all 107 people on board and three people on the ground. The Medellín Cartel claimed responsibility for the attack.
1991 – The United Nations Security Council adopts Security Council Resolution 721, leading the way to the establishment of peacekeeping operations in Yugoslavia.
1992 – For the second time in a year, military forces try to overthrow president Carlos Andres Perez in Venezuela.
1997 – Twenty-five are killed in the second Souhane massacre in Algeria.
1999 – The left-wing Labour Party takes control of the New Zealand government with leader Helen Clark becoming the first elected female Prime Minister in New Zealand's history.
2001 – A hydrogen atmosphere is discovered on the extrasolar planet Osiris by the Hubble Space Telescope, the first atmosphere detected on an extrasolar planet.
2004 – Pope John Paul II returns the relics of Saint John Chrysostom to the Eastern Orthodox Church.
2005 – The first partial human face transplant is completed in Amiens, France.
2006 – The Canadian House of Commons endorses Prime Minister Stephen Harper's motion to declare Quebec a nation within a unified Canada.


yellow 4!
July 6th
From Wikipedia

1964 - Malawi declares its independence from the UK.

1957 - John Lennon meets Paul McCartney at a fete in Woolton

1942 - Anne Frank and her family go into hiding in the "Secret Annexe"

1933 - The first Major League Baseball All-Star Game is played in Chicago's Comiskey Park.

1785 - The dollar is unanimously chosen as the monetary unit for the USA.

1189 - Richard I "the Lionheart" is crowned King of England.


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30 BC – Cleopatra commits suicide, allegedly by means of an asp bite.

1099 – First Crusade: Battle of Ascalon. This is considered the last engagement of the First Crusade.

1281 – The Mongolian fleet of Kublai Khan is destroyed by a typhoon while approaching Japan.

1833 – Chicago is founded.

1898 – An Armistice ends the Spanish-American War.The Hawaiian flag is lowered from Iolani Palace in an elaborate annexation ceremony and replaced with the flag of the United States to signify the transfer of sovereignty from the Republic of Hawai`i to the United States.

1914 – World War I: the United Kingdom declares war on Austria-Hungary; the countries of the British Empire follow suit.

1953 – Nuclear weapons testing: the Soviet atomic bomb project continues with the detonation of Joe 4, the first Soviet thermonuclear weapon.

1964 – Charlie Wilson, one of the Great Train Robbers, escapes from Winson Green Prison in Birmingham, England.

1977 – The first free flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

1981 – The IBM Personal Computer is released.

1985 – Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashes into Osutaka ridge in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, killing 520, to become the worst single-plane air disaster.

1992 – Canada, Mexico and the United States announce completion of negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

2000 – The Oscar class submarine K-141 Kursk of the Russian Navy explodes and sinks in the Barents Sea during a military exercise.

I was born on the same day as Madame Blavatsky; the sole son of Nicholas II (Alexei); Mark Knopfler; Laurent Fignon (RIP) & Joseba Beloki and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar :D

Pretty cool.

I was born exactly 2012 years after Cleopatra's suicide. That can't be a coincidence :lol:
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June 18th
from Wiki (cut down because it was too long)


618 – Li Yuan becomes Emperor Gaozu of Tang, initiating three centuries of Tang Dynasty rule over China.

1429 – French forces under the leadership of Joan of Arc defeat the main English army under sir John Fastolf at the Battle of Patay. This turns the tide of the Hundred Years' War.
1812 – War of 1812: The U.S. Congress declares war on the United Kingdom.

1815 – Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Waterloo results in the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte by the Duke of Wellington forcing him to abdicate the throne of France for the second and last time.

1830 – French invasion of Algeria

1873 – Susan B. Anthony is fined $100 for attempting to vote in the 1872 presidential election.

1928 – Aviator Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly in an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean (she was a passenger; Wilmer Stutz was the pilot and Lou Gordon the mechanic).

1940 – "Finest Hour" speech by Winston Churchill.

1981 – A disease cluster, which will later be known as AIDS, is recognized by medical professionals in San Francisco, California.

1983 – Space Shuttle program: STS-7, Astronaut Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space.

1996 – Ted Kaczynski, suspected of being the Unabomber, is indicted on ten criminal counts.


1942 – Roger Ebert, American film reviewer
1942 – Paul McCartney, British singer, songwriter and musician (The Beatles, Wings)
1952 – Isabella Rossellini, Italian actress


1986 – Frances Scott Fitzgerald, American writer (b. 1921)

June 18 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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