Evan Bayh for President?


Son of Liberty
I was watching the news last night mostly for coverage on the Olympics, but this seemed to be an interesting note that kept coming up. In fact the "bye bye Bayh" coverage was mentioned at least 3 times during the hour.

It took Evan Bayh, the son of a legendary Senator from Indiana, two terms of his own to learn that the conservative Democrat was living a lie as a legislator. "I'm an executive at heart," Bayh told a crowd gathered to hear the reasoning behind his abrupt resignation Monday.

It's not you, and it's not me, either, Bayh said. "I do not love Congress," he proclaimed, identifying the problem with his job. But it's not his friends in Congress, either, of which he has many on both sides of the aisle, he noted.

"My decision should not reflect adversely upon my colleagues who continue to serve in the Senate. While the institution is in need of significant reform, there are many wonderful people there," he said of the people he was leaving behind to do the actual job of reforming the institution. "The public would be surprised and pleased to know that those who serve them in the Senate, despite their policy and political differences, are unfailingly hard-working and devoted to the public good as they see it. I will miss them."

"There is too much partisanship and not enough progress,"

Evan Bayh For President? Senator May Be Eyeing White House Run
After hearing his speech I have to say that I am sold on this guy. I mean IMO hes right.... There is just to much partisanship anymore. The congress is nothing more than a race for a Filibuster for both sides (Regardless of who started it).

Do you think this is the last we'll be seeing of Bayh? I sure as hell hope not, I feel its politicians like this who stand up for the party they believe in but ALSO stand up for the beliefs and principles they believe in first are the kind of politicians we need. Here is the last bit of that article:

Let's stir it even harder. Could Bayh, who backed Hillary Clinton for president in 2008, jump into a primary against Obama in 2012 from a conservative direction? His resignation speech touched all the Clintonian bases, from welfare reform, to budget cutting to a strong national defense with a reference to 9/11 thrown in.

A primary would be the most difficult terrain for Bayh, who many in his own party consider barely a Democrat. The conventional wisdom would say no. Regardless of what chance he might have in a general election, the Democratic base sees Bayh as a symbol of what's wrong with the party in general: too cautious, too accommodationist, too friendly with K Street.
What are your thoughts on Evan Bayh?