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Evaluatue this break Up please, i need some assistance...


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So recently, and by this I mean on Wednesday I was planning to move back to Fort Worth with my things after work on the same day, my ex and I agreed on it and had discussions on what I'll be leaving with (split items down the middle and what not), the final discussion was on where to leave the house keys. My options were the mail box, on top of a light fixture outside of the door, or the friendly neighbor lady that we both know. The option of leaving the keys at the front desk scared me because i wasn't on the lease and didn't know if I would get in trouble or not.

So we had a huge argument over texts and eventually i told him off for being irrational and what not over a simple thing and him not getting his way. We didn't talk for a couple hours and I was busy working. Around 1 I got an email saying the following, and I quote:


I do not want to leave things on a bad note and was hoping you would be mature about going our individual ways. You have made it quite clear that you have moved on and are being supported elsewhere and have no need for my support any longer. Here are the steps that I have taken as of today to make a clean break from you.

Apartment: I absolve you from any rent, utilities or amenities that would have been your part of the household financial responsibility. I did however have the locks changed for security reasons. Your effects and possessions will be boxed up carefully and delivered to your parents house this weekend sometime. (Contingent on the availability of a truck that can be used to transport your things.)

Tolltag: I have paid all tolls up to noon today. The toll tag has been deactivated and is no longer able to be used. Any toll booths you cross after noon on 7/28/2010 are now your responsibility. A zipcash statement will be sent to the address where your car is registered. After noon on 7/28/2010 I am no longer financially responsible for tolls you accrue.

iPhone: $85 - You gave me $90 toward the deactivation of your previous iPhone since you deemed it lost and started your own plan. ($175-$90 = $85)

Loan For Probation Dues: $80

I have listed the xBOX on Craigslist (and have deleted both accounts off the drive) and have already found a buyer willing to pay $165 which is the remainder of what you owe me. At this point, you are free and clear of any remaining monies owed to me."

I was furious and when I finally got a hold of him through the phone I lit his @ss up, he kept on claiming that he would decide this weekend when he would deliver my items and what not, saying the ball was in his court, all that jazz. So needless to say, I was pissed and this is the first time this kind of thing has ever happened to me in a relationship.

So last night, I went over with my capoeira friend to the apartment with a list of my personal effects and talked to my ex at the doorway of the apartment, being civil and level headed as I could, he still refused to let me in to grab my things and said that I didn't notify him that I was coming and that he had a previous engagement to go to. SO from there I just called the cops, then he tried to drive and go to his car but I wasn't having any of that and blocked him, so he called the cops on me.

Long story short (too late), the cops came and they told me I had 15 minutes to pack my items, let me tell you my friend and I worked like champs and got it all done with the time limit. So I left back to my parents last night smiling like a champ that my plan worked, but I kinda feel bad because my ex seemed drained and tired and he was trying to help out at the end. So I do kinda feel bad about the whole situation a little but was I right to do this all and not wait for the weekend? I thought I was.

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I feel for you both, Shwaberry Shortcake. I'm sorry that you're having to go through this. Your ex sounds wounded in his first paragraph; it must have been hard to separate everything like that. You both sound to me like you're acting rationally enough under the highly emotional burden that a breakup places on two. Okay, so you had the cop moment, but nobody got kicked in the throat or hauled off to the pokey (remind me to tell you sometime why it's called that, btw). Why don't you let the dust settle for a few days to get a more detached perspective and see how you feel about this incident then?


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We'll we've been talking so far most of the morning on IM getting out the last bits of frustration, but eventuallyu we both looked at the good times and kinda apologized for the whole thing. We both were at fault with our actions, so things are cooling down but I agree with his statement that things are "tender" at the moment, so we're gonna stay somewhat silent, but we dont wanna lost connection with one another.



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I think that from what i know of the situation that it could have been ALOT worse pup. i think that you handled it within your rights. im sorry that things had to come to official assistance but hey you have a right to your property. i'm glad to hear that you guys have regained your diplomacy this morning. just let it ride.