Europeanitis, Africanitis and South Americanophoria

Discussion in 'Football / Soccer' started by Bjarki, Jun 21, 2010.

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    There is a lot of discussion going on right now as to the causes of the poor play of some great nations and of some excellent players. Is there a trend?

    With France, England and Italy failing and Germany and Spain experiencing issues as well.. decline seems to have hit the European football world. The players are excellent, at least.. when they perform for their club teams.. In this tournament however they seem to play awful.. uninspired, unorganized, simply crappy football. Why?
    Are the players tired? Rebellious against coaches that demand too much? Too egoïstic to play in a team? Or just not good enough??
    Is the league system to blame or just the squads themselves?

    Africa too seems to suffer with only Ghana in a somewhat decent position to make it to next round. On TV they say it's maybe because of their European coaches who implement discipline and defensive play, thereby actually taking away the African players strength: the rush forward - the personal initiative and creativity?
    Or is the main problem that the coach only gets appointed a few months before the tournament, giving him not enough time to build a squad?

    South America... entirely different. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, all in excellent positions to advance to the last 16 and.. by times.. excellent football. Have they gotten better or are they simply profiting from the malheur elsewhere?

  2. Vidic15

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    Many of those teams have players that play an individual game. There is no patriotism left anywhere.
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    The bold bit is Rooney for England, who says he likes to play up front on his own but has so far been partnered with Heskey. To be honest, i think Heskey has a better chance up front on his own with the way Rooney's been playing.

    Capello is a strange manager, he stated in an interview on friday that he tells the team who his starting 11 is two hours before the match begins; while there has only been a slight change in player formation between the US game and the Algeria game, i still think it's a little unfair on them.
  4. Vidic15

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    Have you not heard the joke Pugz?

    In response to worldwide criticism of his performance, Rob Green has trained today and in 6 hours he had over 4,000 shots fired at him and did not concede a single goal.

    Tomorrow, he and Heskey will train with the rest of the squad
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    Most of the European teams seem to struggle when the World Cup isn't on European soil, and that's when the South American teams take over. I am surprised how poorly the African teams are doing though.

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