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Europe without Christianity?


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A Time to Dissent

Óblauðr Lothar, Esteemed Heliodrome of the Third Rank for the Most Enlightened Mystery, was worried. As he walked towards the towering entrance of the St. Copernicus Spelunca, he pondered once again the dangers that stemmed from his recent decision. By any sense of the word, he was about to engage in heresy against the Highest Pater of the Invincible Sun in Constantinopole, the very head of the Mythraic Mystery.

But the Mystery was corrupt. It had been 16 centuries since the Mythra the Valiant had descended into Hades in the caves at Konstanz, broken its gates on the third day and, releasing the lost souls, began the glorious Ascension into the Fiery Heavens, opening the Mystery to the eyes of discerning mortals. It had been 7 centuries since the cruel Viking High Kings that finally destroyed the plethora of Roman Empires gloriously converted to Mithraism. It had been 3 centuries since the Sunblessed Holy Berserkers had recaptured the Orient, with the Armenian Birthplace cleansed of its Mongol pagan defilement.

But since those golden times, the mystery had become impure with pagan traditions. What was all this non-sense about the White Cave Rabbit and his basket of Red Eggs? Why was the highest Pater in Constantinopole getting filthy rich selling globules of holy bull's blood as Purifications? Above all, why did the Highest Pater keep a conquering standing army, and why was he fighting the old Viking Rus princes for the Danubian Dominations? Óblauðr Lothar knew that wasn't very holy of him, and many of the people of the West, from Hispaniola to Albion, happened to agree.

The mystery had deviated from its Eastern roots, and Lothar had spent his youth translating old Zoroastrian manuscripts from Persian and Aramaic. He wasn't trying to replace the Mystery.

No, no Zoroastrianizing heresy in this heliodrome’s mind. To Lothar's mind, the Sun's displeasure with the Persians was shown by their homeland's utter destruction in the attacks from the pagan Yeshuva-adoring desert Semites. Especially after the great massacres by the false-sun worshipers of the northern steppes, the few remaining Persians had migrated all across Europe and Lybia. Here, the Persians lived segregated lives from the regular mythrians, to whom they looked down upon in disdain, and, aside from proving adept merchants and money-lenders, had lingered in a torpor for almost a millennium.

Mythrian Deologists had claimed that this Diaspora was the Sun's punishment for the Persians' refusal to convert to Mythraism, and with this excuse the common vulgars, egged-on by low-ranking Corex priests, often started murderous riots against the Persians.

However, Lothar knew there was something to learn from them. By reading the original Persian manuscripts, Lothar was sure he could re-shape the pure Mystery of the first few centuries. Other local Heliodromes were already accusing him of being a Dissentant Reshapist.

A crowd had already gathered, expectantly. With ten of his closest Leo-level adepts making room for him among the vulgars, Lothar advanced. With measured steps, he approached the magnificent door of the spelunca. Colored glass panels and polished mirrors carried the Sun's light deep inside.

He carried the scroll with his "Disputation of on the Power and Efficacy of Purifications" in one hand, a hammer and two nails in the other. Each of the 95 theses on the scroll would have normally been enough, on its own, to warrant him a slow and painful death by Leeches in the Damp Cellars of the Questors.

But it was time to Dissent. Slowly and methodically, to the sound of the cheering crowd, Óblauðr Lothar nailed his 95 point Dissentation on to the door of the Wittenberg Spelunca.

Comments, suggestions, improvements and additions welcome.
I hasten to add that although it is entirely my work, I have previously posted this on a different forum, a while back.
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I like the concept so far - although depending on your target audience, you may have a bit too many difficult words, and fairly obscure terms.


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Thanks. I don't exactly have a target audience in mind. Wrote it for fun, trying to imagine how Europe would have evolved without Christianity. I assumed Mithraism would have taken its place as the top dog.

While the church ranks should be somewhat historically accurate, much of the Mythraic Mysteries have been lost, so there are a bunch of made-up things. Many mithraic cults met in caves, so I decided their Cathedrals would be partially buried underground and used the Latin word for cave "Spelunca." This might even be historically accurate.

Since the sun is revered in mithraism, i decided it would be a sweet irony to make Nicolaus Copernicus (who showed the Sun to be at the center of the solar system) a saint, and the namesake of the cathedral. Just for fun, I added some pagan remnants about the Easter Bunny.

The Quaestors (askers of questions in Latin, in fact the source of the word "question") are the equivalent of the Spanish and papal Inquisition.

The main character's name cannot be Christian, since the Bible never became popular, so I decided on Persian and Norse names, went for Norse in the end.

EDIT: Oh, and of course, the main guy is "Martin Luther," as the 95-point "dissentation" and the location (wittenberg, same as the real Luther) would hint to history geeks.

etc. etc.
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