Ethnic / Racial influence


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I'd like to know who's had problems from a racial or ethnically mixed relationship. It seems to me like my generation *I'm 19* is a bit more tolerant of it than the ones before us. Partly I know it's because world travel becomes easier with each decade, and that the world of communication has you learning foreign cultures with the click of a button. I'm a white male, however I've always had a natural attraction to Asian / Japanese / pacific islander. Why I cannot explain. I've been dating a girl who's 100% Laos, and my mother is "supportive" but never excited about it. The girl's mom is blatantly against it. I've got friends as well who joke about it a lot. Has this ever been a problem or concern with anyone?


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Racism is really high between kids my age these days, they'll team up and insult other people, I've copped it in trains, especially when I am alone, a bunch of other kids (Croats, Lebanese) would walk up and say stupid shit, I just ignore it.

But when it comes to dating someone who is a total different race than myself, my parents don't mind, neither does hers, I know the Croatian's one did, but that was it. Mates never gave me shit about it to be honest.

I don't care about the whole 'different race' thing.

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Well I'd say its the parents these days. Some of them are REALLY racist. Nothing you can do though, its to late to change them.


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Well I'd say its the parents these days. Some of them are REALLY racist. Nothing you can do though, its to late to change them.
I don't think it's the parents really which are the problem but the cultural stereotypes. Some have never stopped thinking that certain races/cultures are inferior than theirs which make it a bad choice to be closely associated with them. Good blood, bad blood. Although parents do influence this type of thinking if they express such ideas at home, which is the start of one's socialisation process, and the kids grow up having the same mentality.

There are also places that are highly multicultural and normally the people who live growing up in this environment are more tolerant to differences. Those in closed communities or rarely exposed to other races/culture most likely go by stereotypes as they don't have first hand experiences. Then there's also the part when certain families are just generally more traditional and have strict rules about mingling with others (be it race, social status, religion).

@coldendurance: you are right about traveling, it broadens the mind! My family could represent Benetton advertisement. We're all mixed, so we never have a problem when someone presents a bf/gf of different ethnicity. It's a normal thing.


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Asian parents are trict on who their kids date and there are other cultures like that too. With my mom, she only wants me to date asian girls and I feel like you should date whoever you are happy with me. I guess she wants me to date asian girls because of my brother. My brother was married to a white girl for a few years and then they divorced but a few years later, he found another white girl and I like her better than his wife.


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None of my family would want me to date another race, siblings included. They still use racial slurs and such. One of them even told me that the reason why Asians are so much smarter as a race is because they don't mix their breeds, and we're all dumbing ourselves down by diluting our race...

It's amazing to me how some people rationalize those kinds of thoughts.


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I don't have a problem with people of different races dating, but I know my dad certainly wouldn't like it. My mom wouldn't have a problem with it... but I know that my dad would disapprove. He's a bit racist. :/ He's not one to come right out and say something, but I know he thinks little of people who aren't caucasian.

I have no problem with it, though. :)


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Well Australia is a very multicultural society and has been for a long time. Orginally society was very disageeable with it but over time, i guess when people realised multiculturalism isnt all that bad, people became tolerant of it and now its fairly accepted...from my experiance anyway.


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I wouldn't consider myself racist, but I wouldn't ever date a black woman. I simply don't find them attractive at all. Any other race, maybe, but I've always liked white women.

As for the why? I don't even have an explanation. I really don't have a clue.


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I'm Hispanic and I have dated white guys in the past. My parents are ok with it. My mother's mother was actually half-white so she tends me be ok with interracial relationships. Some of my dad's relatives don't like interracial relationships at all. Most of my friends are ok with interracial relationships. I don't myself attracted to Asians or Blacks. Right now I'm taking a break from dating.