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Ethics in the Workplace!


The Rock is cooking atm..
Have you guys ever been in a situation where you were stuck between doing what's right or doing what's needed? How far does your code of ethics stretch in regards to this?

For instance, this might seem silly. But in my case, my bosses sometimes eat off the shelves at work, and they feel that it's okay since it's a billion dollar company. My personal values and ethics makes me feel that it's wrong, especially when urged to eat with them. It's stealing, plain and simple. This is just me of course.

Anyone else?


Free Spirit
Staff member
If your taking something from your employer without paying for it that's stealing I don't care how much money the company or person has. I don't think I would participate in that, it would be against my values also.


I'm serious
I worked in the mini-bar department in the hotel I was interning at in New Orleans. Let me tell you, those people helped themselves from those mini-bar carts to hearts content. I don't mean alcoholic beverages, at least. But the soft drinks and chocolate sales and stock likely never added up. They were really sneaky about it as well. Instead of replacing an expired item, they would write it up as expired, but not replace it and take the replacement item for themselves.

I work in the travel industry, and there are some crazy stories of what agents get away with, fraud wise. About 4 years ago I worked with a guy that was super clued up on ways to make the system work for you. Every time one of his corporate clients booked one specific airline, he would use his own personal airline rewards card to claim the miles. I found out about this towards the end of my time with the company and I brought it to my managers (who is also a close friend of mine) attention. They investigated and he resigned before he got in serious trouble, last I heard.

I despise dishonesty and corruption. I am not a snitch and if something doesn't concern or affect me, I might leave it. But if it's a clear violation of company policy, I will report it, no matter who it is.