ETA killer to be release

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    Shackled and emaciated, Eta killer pleads for peace from his deathbed

    Thomas Catan in Madrid

    A convicted key member of Eta, the Basque separatist group, who is close to death after three months without eating, has called on the Spanish Government to resume talks to reach a peace deal.
    In his first interview since embarking on a hunger strike 91 days ago, Iñaki de Juana Chaos said that he strongly backed the peace process, which stalled after Eta detonated a huge bomb at Barajas air-port, Madrid, on December 30. The blast destroyed a multi-storey car park, killed two people and shattered a nine-month ceasefire that the group had described as permanent.
    Now the emaciated prisoner, a renowned hardliner viewed as a key figure in the peace process, has urged a fresh effort to solve the conflict. Even as he did so, 200,000 supporters of Eta victims marched in Madrid at the weekend, calling on José Luis RodrÍguez Zapatero, the Prime Minister, to resign for having entered into talks with Eta during its ceasefire.
    “I am completely in agreement with the democratic process of dialogue and negotiation . . . to resolve the political conflict between the Basque region and the French and Spanish states,” de Juana told The Times from his secure hospital room in Madrid, where he is being force-fed by authorities. “After the event at Barajas . . . resolution of the conflict is more necessary than ever,” he said in written answers.

    For the Spanish Government, de Juana’s protest over his continued detention, two years after completing his sentence, is a growing political nightmare. With doctors cautioning that de Juana could die in days or weeks, Mr Zapatero’s Government is braced for what could be its deepest crisis since it took power in 2004.
    The case, which recalls Bobby Sands’s fatal IRA hunger strike in 1981, has faced the Spanish Socialist Government with a dilemma. If he dies, de Juana will become a martyr to the Basque independence movement. Some fear that Eta could use his death to justify a renewed bombing campaign, and there are reports that the group has already been eyeing tourist spots for future attacks. But if the Government allows him to serve out a reduced sentence at home, as some judges advocate, it will provoke an outcry on the Right, only three months away from important local elections. Even if he were allowed home, it is far from certain that de Juana would survive. He said in his interview that he would not abandon his protest for anything short of unconditional freedom.
    “I would not have abandoned the hunger strike in exchange for a reduced sentence. The only acceptable alternative is complete liberty and an end to the brutal attacks on freedom of expression that this legal process implies,” he said.
    De Juana was sentenced in 1987 to 3,000 years in jail for his part in 25 deaths, including machinegunning a car containing three soldiers, murdering a rear-admiral and planting a car bomb that killed 12 military policemen. Under sentencing guidelines then in force he had to serve only 18 years and was due to be freed in 2004. The Government, fearing a public outcry, unearthed two opinion articles that he had published in a Basque newspaper and charged him with making terrorist threats. Juan Fernando López Aguilar, the Justice Minister, promised to do “whatever is in our power to prevent these releases”, adding that the Government was working to “construct new charges” against Eta prisoners “like we did with de Juana Chaos”.
    De Juana began a hunger strike last year but dropped it after 63 days when it looked as though the Government would seek a much-reduced sentence. Then a court gave him another 12 years and 7 months in jail, prompting him to restart his hunger strike. Legal experts have questioned the ruling. On Saturday the Association of European Democratic Lawyers said that the sentence was “an exceptional resolution of extraordinary harshness”.
    Some fear that de Juana’s death could persuade others who remain in jail after their sentences have ended to follow suit, giving the 40-year conflict a new lease of life. Nine republican prisoners followed Bobby Sands in 1981; their deaths triggered a surge in IRA activity, fundraising and recruitment.
    Despite his deteriorating condition, de Juana is in uncompromising mood. He expressed no remorse for his killings and said that he felt no responsibility for the tumult that his death could cause. “Can you blame the repressed for the actions of the repressor? Can you blame the violated for the actions of the violator?” he asked, rhetorically. Faced with the prospect of his own demise, he was contemplative. His mother died a week ago and doctors say that he could experience “sudden death” any day.
    “Not being able to live a normal life is very hard. Only those of us who have experienced it can understand it,” he said. “So that it is not repeated, the roots of the conflict must be addressed.”
    De Juana Chaos
    Age 51
    Height 5ft 8in (173cm)
    Normal weight 14st 8lb (80kg)
    Current weight 8st 3lb
    Hunger strike 91 days
    Previous strike 63 days
    Arrested 1987
    Convicted of 25 deaths
    Sentenced to 3,000 years in prison, but was to serve only 18 years. Completed officially in October 2004
    New sentence (November 2006) 12 years, 7 months, for publishing two opinion articles in a newspaper
    Also known for trying to orchestrate a James Bond-style escape from a top-security prison using a helicopter. Said to have ordered prawns and champagne from his jailers to celebrate the killing of a politician and his wife

    3000 years sentences but only served 18.
    As you might guess I wish him to succesufully finish his hunger strike, but there are many spaniards who still believe he has to be released.

    "Said to have ordered prawns and champagne from his jailers to celebrate the killing of a politician and his wife" This is not accurate, reality is still worse. He was watching TV in jail when he saw the burial of a politician and ordered prawns and champagne to celebrate the terrible pain in the widow's and the oprphans' faces. He was not only celebrating the killing but also the enormous pain it meant for the family.
    Just a pure hijo de la grandísima puta, cabrón!

    In the first lines of the article:
    A convicted key member of Eta, the Basque separatist group
    Separatist group? A bunch of killers? Don't you think that calling separatists to a bunch of asesins means giving them some sort of justification?
    Discuss.....................if you wish.

  2. Duke1985

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    18 years of 3000? That does not bode well for Spain's justice system.
  3. Jabato

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    It is simply disgusting. But it's still worse. Is the lamentable socialists goverment we are suffering rightnow, the one who is pushing hard to get this bastard released.
  4. pikatore

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    Why does he hate the current government so? Why is there a seperatist group in the first place?
  5. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    Linguistic and cultural differences, mostly. Not unlike Quebec and Canada, except more violent.
  6. Jabato

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    I rather prefer to call them terrorists group instead "separatist" because IMO, the word separatists implies some sort of justification that I guess it is not admissible. These are a bunch of asessins; end of the story!

    Why is there a separatists group in that part of Spain?
    It is too difficult to explain it in english but here you have some facts:

    ETA want the independence of the Vasc country, but they've never been independent ever.
    The Vasc country has always been part of Spain.
    The reconquer of Spain from muslim's hands begun in the northern part of Spain (Vasc country is in the north)

    Vasc country population is nearly 2 millon people but only 10% is openly in favor of independetism.

    Kazmarov wrote:
    Linguistic and cultural differences, mostly

    No, I don't think so. There is not any linguistical difference. There was no anything such a "vasc language", but a language is vital if you want to have some sort of "difference with the rest of the population" They all speak spanishs, but vascs politicians had invest a lot of money -money from taxes that comes from every spanish citizen- to invent a language.
    From the cultural point of view there is not such a "cultural difference" with the rest of Spain. I guess there is not a "cultural difference" between, I don't know, Florida and New York. For sure there are differences, but I don't think we can call them "Cutural", but regional costumes.
  7. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    Well, there's a case to be made for serperatism if that's what is happening. Could that mean that their actions are outdated? Probably, but not unjustly.

    They've spoken Euraska from before Indo-European languages arose, and 700,000 still learn it as their first language.


    I mean, why listen to you, Jabato? You're beyond biased. I wouldn't ask a man from Alberta about Quebec, or a Brit about the French, or a Croat about the Serbs. Most of your arguments are slanted, anti-Basque, and don't factor in their own hardships. You should be ashamed for your lack of mature, academic ethics.
  8. Jabato

    Jabato Guest

    Kazmarov quoted:
    Euskadi Ta Askatasuma (Basque Homeland and Freedom) was established in 1959 under the fascist Franco dictatorship,

    This is true, but probably the only truh in your whole post.

    Kazmarov quoted:
    when the Basques' language was banned,

    Language was banned under Franco in Catalonia, but in the Vasc country what they've always had are dialects spoken in rural village ONLY, differents from each other, with some common roots, but never a language. It was never a language because there was no verbs. So it is just an invented language.

    Kazmarov quoted:
    their culture suppressed and intellectuals imprisoned and tortured for their political and cultural beliefs.

    Obviously you don't know what you're talking about.

    Kazmarov wrote:
    there's a case to be made for serperatism if that's what is happening

    No, that is not what is happening. What is happening is that there are a bunch of assesins, killers of nearly 1000 innocents people, who just don't want to defend their political position within democracy, because they are absolutely confidence that they haven't got enough support form the vasc people.

    Once again: Vasc country population is nearly 2 million people, but only 10% are openly in favor of independetism, only 10% support ETA. And ETA knows for sure that their political agenda has no future with that support, therefore,..................................................let's kill people!!!

    But, man, we still have a nice surprise for you, I don't think you know about this. Listen, many vascs want to be an independent country, but they want Spain, and therefore, all the spaniards citizens, to keep paying their bill. Do you think this is fare?

    I mean the Vasc Country is not like Scotland, where people is talking about secesionism too. Scotland has a 1000 years History as an independent country, not being part of the UK, and I guess they understand that independence from the UK, means the end of the UK financing Sctoland in any way. Vascs for independence pretend that Spain keep financing them. A for sure.........not with my taxes, man, not at all!!!

    Kazmarov wrote:
    I mean, why listen to you, Jabato?

    I don't know, perhaps because I'm spanish and it seems that I'm in a better position than you, to know what's going on in Spain? Or maybe because my knowledge regarding the History of Spain could be a bit, only a bit wider than yours?

    Kazmarov wrote:
    I wouldn't ask a man from Alberta about Quebec

    Man, you're free to ask what you like, but I'm also free to do it. Where is the problem? I want to know what they feel about the secesionism in their country. Again: where is the problem regarding that question?

    Kazmarov wrote:
    Most of your arguments are slanted, anti-Basque

    I guess you know very little about Spain Kazmarov.

    Kazmarov wrote:
    You should be ashamed for your lack of mature, academic ethics.

    I hope everybody is not so bad educated in this board, because if people here are like you, I won't stay long..................Moderator, Mature Discussion
  9. pikatore

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    While I appreciate you trying to explain it to me Jabato, I want an unbiased account of what happened, and I feel you aren't giving me one.

    I just wiki'd it, it seems that this organisation is just a socialist faction that's been on a dummy spit since it's rejection, although it shouldn't be dismissed as a terrorist organisation.
  10. Jabato

    Jabato Guest

    Pikatore wrote:
    While I appreciate you trying to explain it to me Jabato, I want an unbiased account of what happened, and I feel you aren't giving me one.

    I just wiki'd it, it seems that this organisation is just a socialist faction that's been on a dummy spit since it's rejection, although it shouldn't be dismissed as a terrorist organisation

    Thank you Pikatore!

    Why do you feel I'm not giving you an unbiased account of what happened?
    Could you be more specific? What do you know about Spain? I mean, I don't think Wiki is the answer to every question.
    I'm a spaniard. I've been living in Spain my whole life, so I'm telling you, simply, my opinion about these terrorist problem we have been facing here since 1960.

    I mean, if you are giving me your opinion regarding a problem you are facing in your country, I would give more credit to your opinion than what wiki have to say, even considering wiki information very useful. You are giving me your personal, direct feeling of the problem.

    Now these are facts, not opinions, I mean they are out of any question:

    1.- What we know now as Vasc country had been always called Vascongadas. Vasc country or Euskadi are just invented names from the end of the 19 century
    2.- It has never been an independent country -let's never forget that Spain is not 250 years old only- neither a kigdom, nor a simple county.
    3.- It has been always part of Spain since the very beggining of our History.
    4.- Vasc people is NOT racially, nor ethnical different than the rest of the spaniards.
    5.- They do not have a "different culture" than the rest of Spain, as there is not a different culture between a guy from New York and a guy from L.A. What we have is just a regional diversity within the same culture.

    And regarding the release of this bastard, what would had happen in your country with a man acussed of the killing of 25 innocents? Do you consider the releasing of a man that has shown no remorse, no regret for the killings is fare?

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