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Enduring one of my least favorite days in recent memory: A trip to the Staples Center for the annual Clips-Celtics contest (on Dec. 27). It's usually a fun night because of all the Boston transplants out here; we always manage to turn it into a "home game away from home." Not this year. Playing without Paul Pierce, the Celts were annihilated and looked like a Division II college team -- which made perfect sense because we have a team comprised of mostly under-23 guys and a coach who should be leading a team like Appalachian State.
Maybe the low point was when a Boston fan sitting 10 rows behind me snapped and started screaming at Doc Rivers (who's been patiently waiting to get fired for the past two months so he can sign a TV deal, only the Celtics won't fire him because they don't want to pay two coaches to coach the same lousy team, so now Doc shows up for every game with the positive energy of someone about to undergo their first chemo treatment) to remove Brian Scalabrine from the game, yelling over and over again in a dead-quiet Staples Center, "Get Scalabrine out of there, Doc, he's terrible, get him out of there!" And Scalabrine stood there pretending not to hear while everyone else sat there feeling exceptionally awkward (especially the other players). Meanwhile, the Celtics were losing by 20 and running an offense that had precisely two plays. Short of the Bias/Lewis deaths, I can't remember a more depressing and hopeless night that involved my favorite basketball team.

(Two mitigating factors: First, Red Auerbach picked the perfect year to leave. I couldn't be more delighted that he's missing this crappy season. Thank God he's not here -- that would make this ongoing debacle 10 times worse. And second, I just added every men's hoop game involving Ohio State and Texas to my TiVo so I could start following Kevin Durant and Greg Oden. That's right, I've officially entered "Root against the C's for a high lottery pick" mode! It's always fun to turn against your own team for a few months. All right, maybe not. But since they insisted on tanking the season by keeping Doc, then I'm tanking the season as a fan. So there.)

and that.. pretty much sums up how I feel about the C's this year...


Sultan of Swat
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You Celtics fans all knew this was going to be a tough season for you guys, and now with Paul Pierce it's like someone piercing the knife deepeer and deeper. As a fan it hurts, but you know 3 to 4 years from now you should have a bright future. Patience is the name of the game.