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Most of the members that post in the Sports section are from the United States. I was just wondering what were your thoughts on ESPN, I hear a lot of Americans bashing it, because most of the analyst on there have no clue what their talking about.

Now here in Canada we only have a few programs that are shown from ESPN, so I cannot give a good judgement. How about you guys?
Bashing sports analyst makes no sense to me. Ultimately, they get bashed for trying to predict how a game is going to end before it starts. I mean it's all a guessing game, and some are going to be better than others. My only beef with ESPN is Sportscenter, just because, they are getting less talented people to host the show. The original SC cast was awesome, now all these extra hosts are kinda killing it for me.


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I get annoyed when a pretty girl messes up their names or an analyst makes a stupid mistake like calling a zone defense a man scheme or things like that. Most of the stuff they say about the game itself seems right. What I hate the most is the talk about pop culture and sportswriters trying to act like they're football announcers.

Chris Collinsworth is class. I wish he'd call more games.


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They can only do so much with whatever's currently going on each week. It seems fresh on Monday, but as the week goes on you start hearing the same things over and over again.

I think they're doing a good job though. It's keeping me informed, updated, and entertained so it's all good. They give you (most of the time) a wide variety of opinions, but you're the one making your own opinion in the end.


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I hate E!SPN and it has very little or nothing to do with the analysts. I'll explain later when I have more time to get into it.


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I agree with oxy.

It's fine but as the week goes on, football wise, you can't really make anything up but for whatever happened Sunday or Monday.. sometimes Thursday.

Basketball, they can tell you the scores.. give you the highlights.. throw a few dunks in and they're done.

Like most though, the only thing I really hate is people mispronouncing the names.


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I actually was watching SC pretty much all day today to catch up on all the NFL happenings. I don't mind watching it at all on Mondays but as mentioned it gets old further in the week you go because these games only happen once a week and I don't really care for the other highlights.


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I don't mind ESPN as a sports new source at all, but some of their analysts are just laugh out loud terrible. So yeah, I'll watch most of their programs, but some of them are jokes.


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Right now ESPN is a joke for the most part, and it's mainly due to the analyst currently under their employ. I also think they've done a great job butchering Monday Night Football.


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I hate E!SPN and it has very little or nothing to do with the analysts. I'll explain later when I have more time to get into it.
Sorry, I forgot about this thread.

The biggest problem with ESPN is that they turned into E!SPN. They became more about entertainment than sports. I remember when SportsCenter used to be almost all highlights. Now it seems like it's 10% highlights and 90% garbage. Like pointless Top 10's, Budweiser Hot Seat, True or False, and talking about stories that they always blow out of proportion. They should be reporting the news. Not creating their own.