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ESPN ranks Kobe Bryant at #25


New Member
So ESPN released their NBA power rankings. Kobe Bryant is ranked at # 25. Do you think its warranted. He is a 34 year old SG that just came off of major surgery. Personally if I was Kobe, I'd take this ranking as a motivator to play my heart out and show I'm still a top teir talent. Better to excel over doubts than fail to meet expectations. Should be interesting to see the reaction to this ranking.


The return shall be legenday!
People are overreacting to the ranking IMO. Kobe Bryant is no longer a top 5 or even top 10 player but he does deserve a spot in the top 15. This is nothing more than ESPN trying to get a rise out of people and draw attention to their network. Clearly with the reaction, it's working.

Captain Moroni

New Member
These rankings are silly and mean nothing. they had melo ranked like 17 last year and he just went out and won the scoring title.
ESPN gets bored and has to rank everything. Does not mean a thing.

Joshua Howe

New Member
Kobe is not ranked 25. That is utter foolishness. However, I will be interested in seeing the Mamba return because I don't think he'll be nearly the same player he was before he blew a tire.

But number 25? No.


New Member
Rankings are dumb, but come on... Bosh ahead of Kobe? That's beyond dumb.


Registered Member
Lol. They had Kyrie at 8. Curry at 6. Marc Gasol at 10. These rankings are a joke. Melo at 13. Kobe 25. Wow. Just awful. I hope this was an early April's Fools Day joke.