ESPN Basketball Writers Pick Raptors to Win Atlantic



All but one of ESPN's six basketball writers think the Raptors, not the Nets will win the Atlantic Division, citing Toronto's easier schedule and consistency as well as the Nets injuries. Only Chris Sheridan thought the Nets would still win the NBA's weakest division. On the Raptors' side were: Greg Anthony, Chris Broussard, Ric Bucher, John Hollinger and Marc Stein. It's all part of the NBA midseason report.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I believe that the Raptors are the hottest team in the Atlantic right now, yes they're facing teams that are below 500., but I believe that there playing like a team, and they have confidence that they can beat any team that they face.

With a win tonight they'll be 22-22, two games ahead of the Nets, hopefully that need can continue to grow.