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PC Games Escape From Tarkov


Problematic Shitlord
Anyone fellow breeki bois out there?

Escape From Tarkov is easily the most unique first person gaming experience I've had in at least a decade. It's a modern shooter with lite RPG elements, questing, guns, PVP, and PVE. It's ... hard to describe. But let's start with three easy words that the majority of the EFT community agrees upon.

LOOT - You are a Private Military Contractor, or PMC, and Tarkov is a lawless stretch of land in Russia and if games set in post-disaster type scenarios have taught us anything, it's that looting is on par with breathing and eating. Pack your backpack, vest, and pockets with all types of loot. Food, drink, gun parts, tools, weapons, armors, helmets, ammunition, collectibles, and trinkets such as gold watches, jewelry, and plain ol' stacks of cash. If you die, you drop ALL your loot, so beware of greed! You'll need to loot loose items, boxes, bags, jackets, and corpses of other players to get money and complete quests.

SHOOT - EFT is one of the absolute best pure shooters available on PC (no plans to release on console at the moment). Tarkov is PvPvE, or player versus player versus environment, or computer players. You can build a weapon to your liking or aim for a goal. Want to achieve minimal recoil or maximum handling? Are you going long or short range? Almost every gun from the barrel to the buttstock is customizable with an assortment of parts you can buy from in game traders or find in the game world. There are 60+ guns to find, buy, and use including pistols, shotguns, SMGs, assault carbines, sniper rifles, and assault rifles.

- The game world consists of 6 maps and 1 paid map (you will need to have an in-game item that you can either buy from a trader or find on a corpse of a scav to gain entry). Upon gearing up, you will choose a map and spawn in with a limited time frame to explore and do what you want. Maps range from 20-50 minutes depending on size and you need to make it to specific extraction zones if you want to leave with your gear. Otherwise, you will go missing in action (if you don't die, that is). This instanced form of play bring a level of urgency rarely felt in modern games as you will be facing both AI players and real PVP from fellow PMCs. Watch your health, energy, and hydration or else making it to the extract point can go south really quickly.

Here is the latest trailer for patch .12, which gives a good idea of graphics, gameplay, and intensity.

Check out the official site to pre-order and get access to the beta - https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/