E's Otherwise


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Kai Kudou is born as a new member of Ashurum, a group of ESPers (pronounced s-PERS). Their job is to hunt down those who have powers that cannot be matched by any mere human called "E's", or nouryokusha. Kai becomes an ESPer because of a guarantee that her sister Hikaru will be cured of a severe disease. Kai is harassed by Shenlong, who takes any opportunity to test Kai's skills while her twin sister Shinlu enjoys his presence and makes sweets for him and the like.

Soon, Kai begins to notice something. A year has passed very quickly, and they have been treating his sister Hikaru for quite some time, and she has yet to be cured. Shenlong reveals something to him. They don't need him. They are trying to figure out if he has the powers that Hikaru contains with herself. After hearing this, Kai goes on the run, and ends up with Asuka and her brother Yuki. He stays with the pair and goes do odd jobs with Asuka while fighting off problems caused by the struggle between Ashurum and other corporations looking to control the mobs and the city of Gald (which is where most of this takes place).