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er. wat????? ahhh! ummm!!!!!!


Registered Member
Wat has happened to this place?

i dont like how things have changed, they sucks. but o well. i aint been around for sum time becoz this place gets so damn borin fast and easy, like nuffin great happens here..

er. said my bit now..

so ah.. if u dont like how i put things. u can go get a dick and stick it up your asshole. coz i couldnt give to shit's. eh

ok. buhbye, time to leave for a few more months,

didnt even bother reading any other posts. not worth it... THEY ALL SUCK.


Chirp Chirp
no.. no.. coz, like.. u suck morerrrer..er! hah. now i win!! AND NO GIVESIES BACKSIES!



Registered Member
This guy is by far my favorite member.


still nobody's bitch
oh noes! plz don't leave us zero, you're so fucking cool, what ever would we do without you?!?!?