Equitable Retaliation

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  1. ysabel

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    An eye for an eye. That seems equal, but is it really? I'm sure that if I cut off Phelp's arm, he would still have lost more than I did if my own arm is cut off as punishment, haha.

    How then can we measure if a response to something is proportionate?

    Example, if you steal an item, your payment would most likely be fines bigger than the value of what you stole or even imprisonment. What if X country bombs a school and kills 20 people in Y country? Do you think that simply bombing back a school (20 casualties too) in X country would be perceived by people as appropriate and just response?

    Is being "fair" something we really seek or is our idea of equitable retaliation more based on "you've done bad things to me, therefore I would do bad things to you" (without thought to the gravity)?

  2. Bliss

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    I guess by doing something wrong you should be fined/punished worse by what you did to teach you a lesson, and to show you that you did wrong. Only then will you learn from the damage you caused.
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    No, the Eye For An Eye philosophy is not fair and just in any way shape or form. Sure, it may appear the basest and simplest form of justifiable punishment - but it's frankly not. Punishment always seems just to those who dole it out.

    If one half of the world dropped nuclear bombs on the other half, would you want to retaliate and wipe out the entire Human race, just to be 'even'? "Oh, well, you slaughtered us so we'll slaughter you" is not the right attitude - at the end of the day, it's still genocide on both accounts.

    Plus, the higher up in authority you get, the more neutral you should be. Too many people don't stop to consider the consequences of an action. They have the mindset of, "You cause me pain I cause you pain". It just doesn't work. Justice can be delivered in other ways, ways more beneficial or profitable to the person (be it an individual, a group, or even a country).
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    I think people use the idea as an excuse for revenge because it makes them feel better, but any action taken out in anger is wrong. Punishment should have the purpose of changing someones behavior for the better not just making the wronged person feel better.
  5. ysabel

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    How would something like sentencing someone to death because the person killed someone play into this?

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