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Episode III


New Member
Hey, just saw Episode III and wanted to know what everyone else thought of it. i thought the way they finally turned Anakin in to Darth was pretty freakin' sweet. But the biggest kick i got was if you pay attention to when they land with the chancellor at the docking bay, look to the lower right hand corner and you'll see the Falcon.

Don't believe me?
Check it out when you go see it the second time ;)


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George Lucas is also in a cameo role in the film. Did anyone else spot him? I'll post later with his location.


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I'm going to see it tonight. 6:05 showing, because this mornings shows were basically sold out!! and it shows EVERY 30 Minutes!!

It made 50+ Million in its first 24 hours alone, and sold out shows 2 days later, this thing is prolly gonna pull 200 million+ for the wekend (high guess, I know)

I read the book a month ago, all in about 6 hours, so I know what to expect (hopefully, they left out the
Wookie home world of Kashyyyk
in the book)

Well, Ill be back to post my impressions of the movie late tonight


The Rock is cooking atm..
My thoughts:

I saw this movie on DVD, couldn't be bothered to go to the movies LOLZ. ne wayz this movie has met all of my expectations. Exceptional throughout the begining to the end of the movie. The wookie homeworld was really amazing. General Grievus was fully sick mate when he fought Master Kenobi in that system in the galaxy. Anakin was really promising when fighting obi-wan in that place with all the firey red volcanoe.

But what I don't get is why did Anakin(aka Lord Vader) kill all those aliens that were allies to the sith in that ship when he arrived???


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I thought Episode III was nearly as good as the original 3. It was almost obvious that Chancellor Palpatine was Darth Sidious all along.
I thought that some of the battle scenes such as the battle of Kashyyk weren't long enough though.


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The movie was pretty good but ill have to agree about the battle scenes being to short.