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Epic Rap Battles of "History"


Haters gonna hate.
Those are really funny videos. The Hawking/Einstein one is my favorite. So witty yet so well executed.

NicePeter's other videos are really good, too. Try the picture songs.


Those were great. I'm actually going through and watching them all. Hard to decide which battle is my favorite or who has won each of them.
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Holy shit, they were awesome. The title threw me off completely, I didn't think it would be about this at all. I liked the Darth Vader / Hitler one best. Going to watch some more now...
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Vader/Hitler was my favorite, too. Vader was the best rapper of them all.


Hitler & Einstein have had the two best battle verses so far. Vader was okay, I thought Hitler won that battle pretty convincingly though. Palin & Gaga were both terrible.