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Epic hovrboard alert


Registered Member
They're cool, they're fun, but now they can be deadly.
More than 500,000 boards have been recalled because exploding batteries, fires, burns, and even one death in the UK.
More Than 500,000 Hoverboards Being Recalled

How to get one that probaly won't explode.

Imo, the cheap boards should be totally off the market.


Free Spirit
Staff member
You would think they would have done this months ago there has been such a problem with them.


Registered Member
I won't deny the first time I saw one of these "hoover boards" or "sweg ways" or whatever the kids are calling them I did want one. They looked cool and a lot of fun. I even saw some in the wild but I never went through with buying one.

The thing is this. I don't know much about the ones that have been recalled but I know of two kinds:

Ones that cost almost £300
Ones that cost less then £100

I would be willing to bet that the ones being recalled are the cheap ones and I am sorry to say this to but the bottom line is this; if it seems cheap? it probably is.