Epic Comic Showdowns


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Ok, the basis of this thread is to pick and match comic figures and put them together for an epic showdown. It can be Hero against Villain, Villain against Villain, or even Hero against Hero. Pit DC against Marvel, Marvel against Marvel, or DC against DC. You can even have multiple combatants. Basically, the only rule is that you have to explain your choice, and maybe a mini-running commentary of the battle.

I'll start us off with a classic - the Hulk against the Abomination. However, I'd also throw in a twist -the Red Hulk (AKA Rulk) against A-Bomb (like in Hulk #2). This would be such an amazing smash fest - the primary fight would be between the Hulk and the Abomination (being arch-enemies), while the Rulk and A-Bomb fight simultaneously.

With A-Bomb, the Rulk, the Hulk, and the Abomination all with similar powers, the battle would be immense. :nod:

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