Entire French WC-squad suspended for upcoming friendly

Discussion in 'Football / Soccer' started by Bjarki, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Bjarki

    Bjarki Registered Member

    A unique in football history? :-o

    Either way, I wonder what Ysabel will think of this.. is it justified? And is it a good thing performance-wise?

    I wonder if they will build a new selection for the quali's for Euro 2012 as well, will be interesting to see what these new guys are capable of that's for sure.

  2. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    You're not the only one anticipating Ysabel's response lol.

    Personally, I believe this is just stupid. I know it's just a friendly but how do you want to build confidence and chemistry within your team by suspending the entire team? Doesn't make much sense to me.

    It's funny that the new coach is even doing this, isn't a friendly a good way to evaluate your roster?
  3. KSpiceFantastic

    KSpiceFantastic Haters gonna hate.

    I think that is actually the RIGHT move for the overall health and chemistry of the French nat'l team. Have them sit for what would normally be a game against a sub-par Euro team and maybe they'll learn to stop being self-centered stars and work together as a unit.
  4. Juan_Pablo

    Juan_Pablo Registered Member

    This is the RIGHT THING to do. They were being insubordinate in South Africa. Punishment the consequence, maybe they and others will learn from that experience.
  5. Vidic15

    Vidic15 No Custom Title Exists V.I.P. Lifetime

    Evra deserved more than he got but this is good news for Manchester United too I reckon.

    Anelka has officially played his last game for France imo.
  6. ysabel

    ysabel /ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

    Our new selection isn't doing well but it is sort of expected from a young and inexperienced team. Anyway I think the better news is that the coach then, Domenech, has been fired without severance package for "faute grave".

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