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Enough is Enough


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I will be writing to the Senator and try to get some kind of law imposed on elderly drivers. This past weekend, an 80 year old lady caused an accident that killed a family of 4 plus the family dog. It's just sad hearing these things on the news. And a few months ago, an elderly lady turned my uncle's shop into a parking garage. The shop was reopened for business a few days ago.
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~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Just remember that you to will get old one day..I know that some elderly people are bad deriver and have no business on the roads, but then again so do some of the younger drivers.
I would ask that they” elderly drivers" have to take the written and driveing test every year after 70..I think that would be fair...

You have to look at what caused the accident in the first place. Were they haveing a medical issue, or were they so old and out of it that they didn't know wich way is up..
But I think you will find that in most cases it's a medical condition that led up to the accident..
You can't call them all bad drivers, just some of them..


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I agree. I think drivers license tests in general should be required more often than they currently are. Why increase them just for the elderly when there are plenty of young idiots out there too.


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The problem with giving the test to younger people is they know how to pass the test, they just aren't smart enough to follow the correct answers that they gave on the test.